Bonus Time Reservations


I thought it best to clarify Bonus Time. It is just that; “Bonus” Time. The rooms used for Bonus Time are made up of rooms that are early check outs, late check ins, unused Vacation Club, and other unreserved rooms. We can’t use rooms that owners have placed into the rental program as the rate is too low.  That causes alot of confusion as owners will call asking for a reservation, we’ll say there is space but not for Bonus Time rates, and owners think we are doing the bait and switch routine. We just can’t place such a deeply discounted rental rate in an owner rental unit, it wouldn’t be fair to the owner of the unit. So, if we say there isn’t Bonus Time available but there are rooms available, that’s probably why. Always try right to the last minute for a Bonus Time reservation. In high demand seasons, there are very few “Bonus Time” rooms available as owners, exchangers and club members are using them. Remember owners do get 25% off the rack rate and you can book that up to a year in advance. So if you really have to go to “Aunt Betty’s” wedding and can’t wait for the 14 day Bonus Time window, please book the 25% off rate. It’s still the best deal in any of our destinations.


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