Cruise Exchanges


Hi everyone. Let’s talk about how to do cruise exchanges. Cruise exchanges are different than other exchanges. Interval has contracts with all the major cruise lines for discounted rates. When Interval takes a week in exchange they must put a value on that week, then apply that value to price of the cruise you want then they can tell you how much, if anything, you’ll be required to pay for the cruise.

Interval International has asked members do the following when requesting a cruise. First, always call our owner services at 888.333.1535. Our agents will review your account and let you know how many points you have and more importantly tell you what those equate to in unit size and week number. Then you’ll call the II/InnSeason line at 800.522.1466 and speak with an Interval agent. With them you’ll explain that you wish to do a cruise exchange, giving the agent the unit information you received from the InnSeason agents. The Interval agents will then pass along your information to their cruise department who will contact you within two business days. It’s not a perfect situation and we are working on the process but this is how Interval has asked us to proceed.

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