Newport, the City by the Sea


hotel_building1.jpg    We’ve got some great news about Newport. We’ve now added the Newport Bay Club to the list of resorts you can stay using Playtime Points. We’ve been able to negotiate very good rates for our owners and members. There is limited space for Winter, Spring and Fall. If you are interested, please call us at 888.333.1535 . We can only rent units in 7 day blocks, but the rates are so low, just using two or three nights is less than most area hotels.

The Bay Club is located on Thames Street  in downtown Newport. Originally an old mill building it was purchased and converted into its’ current state in the early 80’s. It has shops in the first floor, a restaurant in the basement and is a short walk to all the waterfront shops and restaurants in Newport. In the winter there is an outdoor skating rink next door. If you go, don’t forget to try Salas restaurant. It is located just down the street and is where yours truly learned to cook lobster!


2 Responses to “Newport, the City by the Sea”

  1. Denise Albertini Says:

    Tell me more about this. Somehow I missed the announcement. What does it mean to use “playtime” points. Thanks

  2. travelinfool Says:

    Playtime Points allow InnSeason Vacation Club members to purchase “items”, other than overnight accommodations with their points.

    If you log into the website and proceed to the Vacation Club home page, the left hand navigation will have a link to the items available for Playtime Points.

    Those items include Golf, Dining, Amusement Park tickets, Spa visits, Whale Watch tickets, etc. If you are having difficulty viewing the list please call 888-333-1535 and the staff can walk you through the creation of your account.

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