Travelinfool on vacation


I was lucky enough to spend the last week of January on the friendly island of St. Martin. The weather was great the entire week. We had just one brief downpour all week, of course that was while we were sailing! The island is half french and half dutch. The shopping on the dutch side is great while the food on french side is magnifique! There are more michelin rated restaurants on the french side of the island than any other place in world. The dutch side is trying to catch up with restaurants and it has many good ones but I prefer the french food. We sailed on the 60 foot Heineken catamaran to Anguilla where we swam and had lunch. It was a rough ride over with heavy seas and a quick ride back as the wind was behind us. The boat holds up to 40 people, the crew were fun and drinks were plentiful. Anguilla is a small island approximately 75 minutes away. It has one of the Best Beaches in the world, as voted by Caribbean Trave and Life Magazie.  The beach and snorkeling were fantastic.

St. Martin is a timeshare paradise. There are more than 12 large timeshare resorts on the island with the Pelican and Royal Islander being the best known and perhaps the largest. There is also Flamingo Beach and Royal Palm and the Towers at Mullet Bay. All of those are nice and there are more under construction! The people are generally very friendly and like a growing number of caribbean islands, the traffic is terrible! All the major airlines fly there and if you are from the Northeast, expect to see someone you know! We met neighbors as well as another 50 people from Cape Cod. (and that was without going to the clothing optional beaches!)

The island is fun, friendly and even has one golf course. It won’t be used for a PGA event in the near future, but it’s still golf, so how bad can it be.

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