Mountainview in May


I had the opportunity to attend a Board meeting at Mountainview Resort in Jackman Maine last week. Spring had definitely sprung! There was green grass, flowing rivers and we only saw patches of snow in the woods.

The resort is looking good. There have been many improvements including a new 3 bedroom cabin and the re-painting of the indoor pool area. Both make a great impression and I hope many people will enjoy the resort this year.

We did brave the US Border Patrol and cross the border into Canada for dinner. There is the town of St. Georges 35 miles across the border that is an easy ride with plenty of scenic vistas. It’s suprising how flat and meadow-like the land is as you travel into Canada. There are large farms and two of the largest logging/lumber plants I’ve ever scene. The town of St. Georges has a lot of restaurants located on the banks of the Kennebec river on 1st and 2nd Streets. Naturally, being in Quebec, the menus are in french, as are the people. So be prepared to either translate or do alot of pointing at the menus. We ate at Monde Cafe. It was good food, casual and enjoyable. Remember just because your server may speak french, and you don’t, there is no need to shout at them in English. They are french, not deaf.

Sandy Stevens, the resort manager is happy to share her great resort with as many people as possible. We have created rafting packages with Windfall Outdoor Center (located in Jackman) and there are new ATV rentals available in town now too!  

We did manage to spot 3 moose, one coyote, one deer, and one gopher, all without leaving the resort!

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