VCU Schedule Announced


Due to the success of our Vacation Club University we have decided to publish the class schedule for the rest of the year.

Classes will be held on June 28th and August 23rd at South Mountain Resort in Lincoln NH. These will be afternoon classes, starting at 2 PM. I hope this will allow for more week end guests as well as day drivers. Of course I won’t know what to do without dozens of donuts and coffee for everyone!

The next two classes will be in Falmouth and then Ogunuit. September 13 will be in Falmouth and November 17 in Oqunquit. As always we will offer bonus time rates for one night stays, hoping everyone will take advantage of either Friday or Saturday nights.

Our members certainly seem to find these classes informative and enjoyable. If you haven’t been able to attend a class yet, please ty to attend. The Club improves monthly and these classes are a great way to meet other members and learn how to get the most out of your membership and InnSeason Resorts. The classes are given by me, Paul Carney, Vice President of Resort Services, or Cathy West the Vacation Club manager. Both of us are integral parts of the Club and are willing to listen, explain and even change policies while at these meetings. 

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