Event Tickets Available With Playtime Points


Fall is almost upon us, Summer is almost gone and we’re awaiting the remnants of hurricane Hanna to visit the area. Where did summer go? And HOORAY, the kids are back in school!

I hope everyone had the best summer possible. With the high gas prices and torrential rains the Cape  and our other resorts still did well. It seems everyone stayed close to home this year. I know my SUV stayed on Cape as much as possible.

We’ve offered some great items this year for Points. We’ve offered some pre-season Patriots tickets, with mixed results. We’ve offered some Red Sox tickets that were sell outs. We’ve offered golf, water park, amusement park and zoo tickets for points. Soon we’ll be offering Mystic Aquarium tickets for Points, too. We offered Maine river rafting with no takers.

This winter we’ll be offerring lift tickets in Maine (www.sundayriver.com) , NH (www.loonmtn.com; www.cannonmtn.com), and MA (www.wachussett.com) . Polar Express Tickets (www.polarexpress.org)  will be available for the first three week ends in December. We’ll be offering snowmobile rentals in Maine and New Hampshire as well as Spa getaways in Maine, New Hampshire and Cape Cod. We’ll also have Bruins and Celtic tickets available for points. If you haven’t signed up for the Last Minute Specials, please do as we use that list to inform members of, you guessed it, last minute specials. We usually get the sports tickets on a last minute basis so if you can get to a game with just one or two days notice, be sure to get on the list. To sign up for the list just send us an email at vacationclub@innseason.com .

Please remember that in 2009 you’ll no longer be able to use Accrued Points for Playtime Points puchases, so be sure to use them up this year. We’ve eliminated the use of the Accrued Points as it creates an imbalance in the system which ultimately could make less inventory available for member use at the resorts.

As always, if you have something that you would like to see on the list, let us know.


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