Wanted: Your Comments!


     Be rewarded for your comments! This blog has provided much helpful information for many InnSeason Vacation Club members. We’d like it to be more of a two way communication with owners writing comments and articles that help their fellow members.

I’d love to see comments from members about favorite restaurants, maybe special hideaways, good hikes, great fishing trips, or heaven forbid, articles about how to make the most of your club membership. Feel free to add articles about good and bad exchanges too.

In order to help ‘grease the skids’ we’re going to give 10,000 InnSeason Points to the best blog entry of the month! So you won’t have to hurry and use them, the points will be for use in 2009.

Please take a moment and share some of your experiences with fellow club members.


9 Responses to “Wanted: Your Comments!”

  1. Linda Colleton Says:

    New Member Blog!
    As a new member, I was a little unsure how best to use my points and where I wanted to vacation this year, but as I get ready for my fourth trip this year I think I’m getting the hang of this vacation club!

    We started out by attending the vacation club university and stayed overnight at the Surfside resort in Falmouth. We had a stunning ocean front view, enjoyed the indoor pool and hot tub and toured some of the local restaurants. We had lunch at the British Beer Company restaurant just down the street from the resort. This small English style pub was a great place to have lunch; the atmosphere was warm, the food was delicious, and it too had that wonderful ocean view! For dinner we ventured out to the Casino Warf FX diagonally across the street from our luncheon spot. This was a more upscale dining experience, in a beautiful restaurant with ocean front views and outdoor deck dining. It was a little too cool in the spring for the deckside dining when we went, but our food was excellent and the service was great too. We went upstairs after our meal and enjoyed some local music and a couple of drinks. It was a wonderful evening out for hubby and I!

    After graduating from the VCU we booked our first vacation to a DestINNations, The Cove at Ormond Beach. Our accommodations in the 2 bedroom suite were just beautiful. The floor plan was spacious, the flat screen TVs in each room, washer dryer, whirlpool spa tub, and other amenities made us feel comfortable during our entire stay. We loved the beach access and the ocean front activity deck and pool. It would have been nice if there was a deeper pool (this was only 3 feet), but we enjoyed ourselves none-the-less.

    We spent a day going to the Marine Science Center where we were able to learn about the sea turtles that nest in the area, see some turtles at the center that were being rehabilitated, and browse in the gift shop for turtle “treats!” We also went to the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse and climbed all 203 steps to the top of Fl’s tallest lighthouse! We bought our daughter the T-Shirt proclaiming such because it was really quite a feat (much harder than it sounds…my thighs were sore for 2 days but it was well worth it!).

    In July we spent a few days at Pollard Brook in Lincoln NH. The 2 bedroom suite was spacious and I fell in love with the whirlpool tub in the master bedroom. The pool was plenty big & deep with lots of deck space for everyone. We wanted to go on a moderate intensity hike so we took advantage of the Adventure Concierge (Eric Pyra) and he helped us to select just the right trail. It was a challenging (for us) day hike off the Kancamagus highway in the White Mountain National Forest but one of the best days of our vacation as we spent time together as a family without TVs, phones, computers, or video games! We also traveled down I-93 a few exits to Campton and had a great family trail ride at the Rocky Ridge Ranch Riding Stables. We had a very personable tour guide and scenic ride; the saddle sores were free of charge!

    In just a week and a half hubby and I will celebrate our 22nd Anniversary with a couple of nights at the Falls at Ogunquit…I can hardly wait to try another resort in another location! I think I’m getting addicted to all this vacationing because I no sooner get back home and I want to start planning the next one! Thank goodness we’ll have more points in 2009 so we can do just that!

  2. teresa Says:

    my husband and i just got into this whole thing we are really nervous hoping we mde the right choice. can you give any input..

    thank you

  3. travelinfool Says:

    Thanks for your note. I did respond directly to your email address but wanted you and other owners to feel free to contact the Owner Services department or me personally with any questions or concerns. Thank you. Paul Carney – “Chief Vacation Officer”

  4. Linda Colleton Says:

    I can tell you that Paul and his staff have been very helpful and accommodating as we made our first reservations. They’ll just help you “think out loud” even if you’re not sure how best to use your points. My advice to you is to educate yourself as much as possible. Definitely go to the vacation club university (you may even want to go more than once as it’s a lot of information to sink in). The booklet (available on the website) is also very helpful as you can refer to it each time you start planning a trip (or even thinking about one). Good luck and happy vacationing!

  5. Jeff Says:

    I’m new to all this. Needless to say, with all the problems with the economy I feel I have to make my desicions carefully. Besides wanting to force myself to take time off, I wanted something I could give to my daughter some day.
    I’ve been trying to make some headway on the DestINN nations, but with little luck. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong.
    I know the University would be agreat thing to attend, but my work schedule is pretty wacky.
    I’ve been trying to plan out three trips. Two for just a couple of nights, and one (probably in Feb.) for a week.
    I called the Intervale company who in turn connected me with Inn Seasons. I inquired about a couple of DestINNation packages I saw on the web-site, but to person I spoke with said he couldn’t find the ones I was talking about. It’s possible I was using the wrong terminology, or sent him in the wrong direction somehow. I’m sure he was trying to help me the best he could.
    Of course, this only made me feel like I may have made a mistake in joining.
    As I said, I’m very new at this, and I hope to be able to learn to navigate the system very soon. I’ve already spent several hours navigating the sites the best I could.
    I’m also unable to log into the club Navigo sites(what ever that is).
    I’m certainly not trying to sound negative, and I hope to learn enough soon to start enjoying my investment.
    If you can point me in the right direction, or at least connect me with someone who can, I would be very greatful.
    Thank you

  6. travelinfool Says:

    Thanks for your comments. It sounds like you need some guidance. We can have someone call you at a time that works best for you or you can call us at 888.333.1535.

    Here are a couple of guidelines. For reservations of less than a full week, you can start booking those 120 days in advance. So for the February vacation you mention you can start requesting those dates in November.
    Logging into the website can only be done on the InnSeason website. You can view the Club Navigo resorts at http://www.clubnavigo.com but only their owners can login. DestINNation trips can be booked only at our reservation office and not with Interval.
    I’ll respond directly to your email and offer times in which we can talk. The next Vacation Club University is November 15 in Ogunquit Maine. Thanks for being a Vacation Club member.

  7. Yvonne Says:

    This was the best purchase I ever made, why am I reading so much uncertainty? Perhaps you’re not seeing it for what you need it for, and are being derailed by the old fashioned negative timeshare stuff. Think about why you were drawn there to begin with. Jeff, if you wanted something to give your daughter then something in the back of your mind said this is what you would enjoy and it’s the enjoyment you want your daughter to have. However, you have to enjoy it in order to feel what you’re giving to her. I understand the planning thing, I haven’t planned a trip yet, because I’m a bad planner and my work schedule is month to month. The last minute nudge of a trip works perfect, and if in-fact it is the right nudge from inside, you will be guided to the perfect last minute trip everytime. It’s your job to act on that judge though. In my industry I get one weekend off a month so it was easy for me to be appreciative of a ‘next week’ plan. There was nothing better than calling InnSeasons Resort Pollard Brook and finding out there was an opening the coming friday. Well, there may be a few things better than that. It was just turning Spring, I was leaving work at 6:30pm in NYC, popped in a country cd, grabbed a cup of coffee and headed up I95 and literally felt the energy slowly being removed from my head into LaLa land. I stopped at a gas station close to NH that actually sold real maple deserts baked right there? A bakery at a gas station? YUMMO! Then I pulled into Pollard Brook at 3am breathing in the fresh air like I was on another planet, and having someone actually greet me to check in! As I pulled around back and parked I heard noises, it was dark and late. The darkness was beautiful! The trees! What was that noise though? Sounded like a waterfall but I was only there in the winter, not the spring, hmm. Curious but still a half country half city girl I wasn’t about to check it out in the dark. I enjoyed the sound, I ran into the loft/townhome style, $70 a night (last minute bonus point specials!!!) I ran inside with excitement, knowing exactly where the fireplace is, turned it on and jumping up and down saying “I’m back I’m back!! I opened the sliding doors to the deck and there was that noise again! I dont remember any waterfall! But you bet I will find it in the morning! Trying to absorb it all and relax, I slept with the window open and the sound of a waterfall. I woke up in the morning like a child at Christmas, running to the kitchen saying “I know they have that special coffee I like!” Then i remembered the water sound! Opening the double sliding doors to the deck again, I followed the sound…SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I squinted through the trees and found it! I think I see it woohoo!! I put on a thermal, jeans and sneaks and went outside to follow the sound. SHHHHHHHHHHH, there it is again! Walking through the trees I found the brook. It was the most beautiful thing I ever seen. I remember seeing brooks like that when I was younger but I’m in my thirty’s now and I think I see it differently. I dont’ see it, I feel it. I followed the brook, walking along the water is so loud, all you hear is the SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH of the water running downstream. I walked along until I got to the road that led me to a coffee shop in the little village square, next to the thrift shop I dont remember the name. It’s the square next to South Mountain. Either way, they probably knew I was from NYC because even in the chilly Spring morning I wanted to sit outside and eat crepes and good ole’ New England coffee.

    Enjoying the timeshare is enjoying the moment. Of all things to give a daughter, that is priceless, no matter where the destination. But you can’t give it to her unless you do it yourself. GO!

    What drew me to Pollard Brook is that internal nudge. I had last minute vacation days to take and immediately thought Vegas! No Bahamas! With only two weeks to plan I had to really really think of where I wanted to go. Then I thought of taking the time to FINALLY start writing my book. I thought of Vegas and said “Uh, no writing will happen there!” Bahamas? Uh, I have a drink in my hand and I’m on the beach, no writing there!” Then I thought of New England and I got a calm feeling. Hmm, New England…snow…fireplace…warm inside cold outside…I totall see writing here! Miraculously searching New England, I found Pollard Brook and went for the first time last winter. It was exactly what I wanted. Writing inside a few days I only went to the timeshare meeting to stop writing. Shady, I know. But little did I know I was presented the most amazing gift. This is when I realized I was at the right place at the right time. I even got two major snow storms from Mother Nature so it was snowy and cold outside and warm fireplace inside. I went to dinner at the Woodstock Inn, OMG! The food is amazing, the staff is so cool, the live music is awesome! Sorry, I’m addicted to that place and haven’t tried any others yet. The food is so good, really good and there are things I still need to try on the menu, better than a lot of NYC restaurants. I know NYC restaurants are great, they are very classy, as I love to put on a nice dress and cultural dining, NYC is the best for that. But sometimes you want just great upscale food, tasty not spice, fresh fish, not greasy bar food and good beer in a classy relaxed atmosphere. Total oxi-moron.

    (by the way does anyone know what exit that bakery/gas station is?)

  8. Yvonne Says:

    Oh, in addition to my last entry, I rolled over my points and haven’t used them yet because how nice would it be when I get engaged to tell my future husband we have our honeymoon taken care of.

    Don’t feel the pressure of using your points all at once, if you schedule permits last minute trips for flying or a nice road trip, that is what you should take advantage of. The bonus points rates are unbelievable! And, last but not least, I certainly can not forget to mention the customer service all around Inn Season, from the toll free reservation line they were totally cool and worked wonders for me. Plus, how nice it was to return to Pollard Brook and the staff remembers you! Or…being able to call your rep and ask to be put in a specific room that you enjoy returning to. As far as the unease of the points system, seriously, just ask. When I call, I tell them “I need help”.

  9. Jeff Says:

    Well Yvonne, certainly sounds like you had a great time. I thank you for the very detailled reply. It’s always good when someone is there to reinforce a decision.
    I’ve never stayed at Pollard brook, or South Mountain, but I did visit South Mountain a couple of weeks ago on my motorcycle, and toured the place.
    I live in Southern Maine and have been in the Lincoln area many times. While you were dining at the Woodstock Inn, I hope you tried the White Mountain Weasel Wheat (micro brew), it’s awsome!
    I’m hoping to stay at South Mountain for a couple of days this Jan. with my girlfriend and her kids to do some skiing.
    I’m not sure which gas station your refering too that sells the goodies, because the area is pretty much known for that sort of stuff.
    You mentioned that your a city girl from NYC. I hope to go there some day. You see I’m a bit of a country bumkin. My daughter (though age 23 now) has always lived in the woods. The description you gave of following the brook was nice. I guess I don’t notice that stuff as much as someone from the city would, though sometimes it just hits you.
    I’m glad you decided to wait until daylight to follow the brook, because walking trails in the dark (especially in cold weather) can be a bad idea. It is already snowing on Mount Washington, so Lincoln won’t be far behind.
    I hope you took the time to see the Kancamangus Highway, and No. Conway while you were in town.
    my girlfriend and I checked out the Inn Seasons Resorts in Cape Cod this summer. We didn’t have a chance to stay at any of them yet, but she grew up in that area, so I was fortunate enough to have a personal tour guide all week.
    I thank you for your advise.
    I have already been contacted via e-mail by Inn Seasons in regards to getting me through this stuff. I have been at work all week and haven’t had a chance to call them back, but plan to do it very soon.

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