Owner’s Notes about The Ocean Reef Resort


We recently had an owner do an exchange to the Ocean Reef Resort in the Bahamas.  We are sharing this owner’s comments with you just so you are aware in case you were planning a trip to the Bahamas.


We wanted to share our vacation experiences at the timeshare, Ocean Reef Resort&Yacht Club. We were confirmed from 10-25-08 to 11-01-08.
We would strongly advise the InnSeasons management to remove any further timeshare exchanges with this resort. We were troubled by the fact we did not feel safe there. In spite of the fact that there was security on the premises, we we awakened one evening by loud pounding on our door which commenced around 1:30 am. We were too afraid to respond. The uninvited guest left in his car about twenty minutes later. We reported the incident to the manager the next day. We never heard anything further about our concerns.
On another occasion, we were denied dining privileges despite the fact that there was another forty minutes before the closing time. A member in our party is diabetic but it didn’t make a difference to the cook or waitress. Again we reported the matter to the site manager. He was very apologetic and instructed the restaurant staff to serve dinner free of charge to us. Unfortunately we could take advantage of his offer until the next day. It was a good thing that we had some food at our timeshare so to prevent any medical consequences to our diabetic friend.
We were also annoyed and awakened by the loud,vicious barking of dogs across the street from this timeshare. It sounded like attack dogs in training. The barking occurred most evenings. Again we reported our concerns but the problems persisted!
This timeshare was outdated in general appearance and amenities by at least twenty years. With rare exceptions most amenities involved some fee or charge. We were charged $85.00 for a surcharge on electricity.
Fr the most part the resort staff was not friendly to us. With one exception, Olive was the only resort staff person that showed any hospitality towards us during our stay. She went out of her way to locate our missing luggage that were delayed by a day. It seems lke delayed luggage happens on a regular basis in Freeport,Bahamas!
We were alaso told that the US economy has taken an early toll on their economy in the Bahamas. Crime is increasing on the island while tourism in general reflected a 90% reduction in occupancy at its major hotels.
We were most anxious to exit from this resort and the Grand Bahamas Island. It was a welcome relief to step foot on US soil at Miami International Airport. Amen!!


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