New Hampshire Restaurants


On my list of restaurants to visit and enjoy are these in the Lincoln Woodstock area of New Hampshire. They are all very close to either of the InnSeason Resorts in Lincoln.

Fratello’s Ristaurante is the heart of the Village Shops and is connected to South Mountain Resort. The food is always good, the portions are large and the staff is usually very friendly. When I’m in Lincoln I’m always certain to have at least one meal at this restaurant. Their grilled steaks are delicious.

Also in the Village Shops complex is Texas Toast and Pigs Ear BBQ. They have the best smoked meats within 50 miles. They serve an awesome breakfast too, but they open too late for me. I’m up and out early which typically means breakfast at Dunkin Donuts!

Another favorite is the Gypsy Cafe. They have great lunches, dinners and Margarita’s.  It is a small spot just across the street from South Mountain Resort but is well worth the visit. There are lots of “earthy, crunchy, vegetables and fish” items on the menu. It’s all fresh and very good.

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