Wine Weekend was Wonderful!


wine-dinner-2If you didn’t get a chance to travel to Ogunquit for this week’s Wine Weekend.. you missed out!

What a great time it was.  Guests arrived in Maine on Friday evening, dropped the bags and walked over to the cocktail party.  About 20 guests were there and the laughs kept rolling!

Everyone was slow to wake on Saturday morning, so that gave them ample time to rest up before the main dinner.  Around 5:15pm the Angelina’s doors opened and the wine flowed.  The room was set with two family style tables of 20 people.  At first, I must admit I was worried that people may not want to sit with strangers.  Well, my fears were nonsence.  The wine and the laughter and the stories never ended. 

Angelina’s prepared wonderful courses and the wine pairing was perfect.  We tried wines that no one had heard of, a real treat. Mike Connolly with Palm Bay Imports hosted everyone with tales of Italian Wine folklore and a few wine induced stories as well! 

We had so much fun.  As the dinner ended, Angelina’s famous bartender Chris took over.  He created some great Martini’s for us and we continued the evening as if it was New Year’s Eve….

Seriously, if you are looking for something different to do with your weekend, a get-a-way that will recharge you..come to the next  Wine Dinner.


See you soon!

Heather Ault-Durant Falls at Ogunquit


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