Specialty Week Ends Continue


The first few InnSeason Vacation Club Specialty week ends have met with great success. We have three more coming up. The details are below.

Brew Pub Week End at the Falls of Ogunquit is just around the corner. On February 28 you can tour and taste the delicacies of the Federal Jacks Brew Pub. We’ll take the resort van just in case some enjoy the tastings too much!

Cape Cod Cooking Class is being held at Captains Quarters Resort in Falmouth on March 7. Come and learn how to cook and open quahogs as well as other Cape Cod specialties from Chef David. It promises to be an enjoyable and educational evening.

We also are looking forward to InnSeason Day at Loon Mountain on March 22. While still in the planning stages we are planning on goofy races, a scavenger hunt as well as a cook out. It should be a fun for all.

The two resort events have a limited capacity, so please call 888-333-1535 soon if you are interested. We’ll send out more information regarding the Loon day later this month.

Remember my slogan, They are your Points, Go use them!


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