New Technology for Owner Services Department


I’m pleased to announce that we’ve upgraded the telephone system in the InnSeason’s Owner Services department to the latest in communication software. Created and designed by Noble Systems of Atlanta, the system now allows us to handle and track calls much more efficiently.  If you call us from a telephone number that we already have on file, your account information will pop onto the screen for the agents to see!

How does this help you, our members? We will now be better able to schedule and staff for peak call periods, calls will be answered sooner and will take less time. And, best of all, we can now transfer you to Interval International. We no longer have to ask you to call them; with the touch of a button we’ll whisk you off to the Interval offices.

I do want to thank those members that called this week for their patience. We were installing the system and naturally had some hiccups. Early on we couldn’t transfer callers from one person to another.  More than once I simply put on someone’s headset to speak with an owner rather than risk losing the call.

The system will also allow us to send out auto voicemails to our members. We can already think of ways to utilize this service for special announcements, points specials, accrual notices, point expirations and other topics.

Hopefully you’ll see the benefits of the new system right away. I’m proud and pleased to tell you that the staff are excited to have such a great tool to help service our members. We’ll do anything we can to get you on vacation.


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