Atrium Resort adds Usage Fees


simpson-bay-beach-4aWe received the below note from a member who just returned from The Atrium Resort in St. Maarten. It appears the resort is tacking on use fees, which is common in the Caribbean, but was unknown to us up until now. It seems they had a great time anyway.

“Hi Carla, I’m back from St Maarten had a wonderful time. I just wanted to give you a heads up. The Atrium is charging time-share exchanges $113.00 for the week per couple. This is broken down to $42.00 Utility fees, $21.00 Environmental Fee, and $50.00 time-share tax. It’s not a big deal to me. I’ve been traveling in the Caribbean for several years and I’m use to this treatment. You may want to post or make sure everyone else who is transferring their time to the Atrium is aware of these charges. It’s a bit more than the $40.00 house keeping fee Inn Season is charging it’s owners. Once again we had an excellent time and if this option is available next year we’d probably do it again. I attached a picture for you of the Attrium’s beach. Thanks “


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