Want to Stay for Less Than 7 Nights?


The InnSeason Vacation Club is really a great way to timeshare because of the flexibility that it affords the members.  Gone are the days of getting a week and only being able to use those seven days during your deeded time and at your deeded resort.

Points allow you to book a full week (see the last post) or book less than seven night stays.   As long as you have the Points and we have the inventory, you can book as much as you want throughout the year!

There are a few things to remember when trying to book a stay of less than seven nights.

1) The booking window is a little more short-term.  Chances are that when you want to book a three night mini-vacation, you aren’t doing that a year in advance.  You’re doing it more short-term and that is why we set up the booking window as a four-month booking window.  If you want to stay less than seven nights at any of the InnSeason Vacation Club Resorts (for a complete list, click here), you can call to book four months in advance of the requested arrival date.  For example, if you want to book a three night stay in September in Ogunquit, you can call in May to book that.

2) Remember there is a two (2) night minimum.  All Vacation Club reservations at an InnSeason Vacation Club Resort must be booked for at least 2 nights.  Some holiday weekends do require a 3 night minimum and you’ll be advised when trying to book but just to give you an idea, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, and Martin Luther King, JR. Day weekends all require a 3 night minimum.

3) Figure out how many points you’ll need.  To figure out the Points value, simply take your Points Grid, find the resort and unit size you wish to book and then find the week that holds the dates you wish to travel.  Once you find the weekly value (all the numbers listed on the grid are for week-long stays), some simple math will help you determine the number of Points for your stay.

Let’s see an example:

Jane Smith wants to spend three nights in Falmouth in a one bedroom unit July 18, 19, and 20.  Looking at the grid a one bedroom in Falmouth for that week (week 28) costs 150,000 for seven nights.  the 18th, 19th, and 20th are a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (mid-week days).  According to the Points Grid, Sunday thru Thursday nights are worth 10% of the weekly Points total.  In this case, those nights would be 15,000 Points per night.  So to stay three nights at 15,000 Points / night it would cost 45,000 points.  If Jane had enough Points in her account, she would be able to book that reservation.

Let’s look at another example:

Jack Doe wants to book a weekend getaway to Lincoln January 28th and 29th in a 2 bedroom unit.  Looking at the Points grid, the weekly value for week 4 is 110,000 Points.  According to the grid, weekend nights are worth 25% of the weekly Points value so in this case, each night would be 27,500 Points.  The total Points needed for this stay would be 55,000 Points (2 nights x 27,500 Points).  As long as Jack has the points needed and we have the inventory available, Jack can book this stay four months in advance which in this case would be as early as September!

If you find that you do not have enough Points to book the trip you are trying to reserve, there are options for you to obtain more points.

1) Rent Points – Points can be rented for $.03 per point.  If you are only short a few points, this may be a good option for you.  However, in most cases, this is a costly option and the next two choices are better.

2) Borrow Points – Borrowing Points means that you would pay the next year of Club Fees and borrow Points from the next year.  Once your Club Fees are paid for a usage year, the Points become “live” and are able to be used at any time.

3) Buy More Points – If you know that you are regularly going to need more Points, you may want to consider increasing your annual allotment of Points.  To purchase more Points, simply contact your sales representative or call 866-873-2766  to set up an owner update.

Accrued Points can also be used but do not accrue your points in the thought that you’ll be able to combine them to book seven night stays a year in advance.  Accrued Points may only be used within the 4 month booking window so you may use them to book a full seven night stay or a shorter stay, the choice is yours!

Again – if you have any questions about this post, please feel free to post the question here on the comments and we’ll do our best to answer all of them!

If there is a subject or topic you would like to see featured, please let us know and we’ll do our best to address it!


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