Adventure Awaits!


The InnSeason Vacation Club does not just offer great vacations in New England but also provides members with opportunities to travel outside the network.  The Adventure Club, a segment of the Vacation Club, allows certain eligible members to deposit weeks into the Club at non-InnSeason Resorts.  These deposited weeks are then made available to Club members for Points and sometimes sold as Bonus Weeks!

What does this really mean?  Well, the short answer is, more locations to use your Points at.    The Adventure Club is made up of Vacation Club owners who own timeshare at another resort.  At the time of their Club purchase, they mentioned that they would be interested in depositing their other timeshare week into the Club for Points.  The InnSeason Vacation Club has very strict guidelines about what kind of resort is accepted into the Adventure Club and therefore, not every owner who owns timeshare at another company is eligible to deposit their week.  Plus, there are additional fees included with being a member of the Adventure Club.

However, if an owner does own a resort that meets our qualifications, we will accept it into the Adventure Club.  That means that every year, when they have paid their annual maintenance fees on their week, wherever that may be, they have the option to deposit the week to the Adventure Club.  When the week is deposited, a Points value is assigned to it and it is then made available to the Vacation Club as an available week to book using your Points.

Because the members of the Adventure Club are able to decide from year to year whether or not to deposit their week, the list of available Adventure Club weeks is never a set list.  It changes from year to year, based on what the owner of that week decides.

Some of the locations that may be available through the Adventure Club include: Hawaii, Arizona, Williamsburg, Las Vegas, Orlando, and select Caribbean Islands.  Please remember that these locations are not always available but are available when an owner who owns at that resort deposits their week into the Club.

Once the week is deposited to the Adventure Club, we list it online.  You can check the list via the Owner’s Inn any time you like.  If you see a week on the list that you are interested in, then simply call Owner Services to book!  It’s that easy.

The weeks are available for Points.  There are no exchange fees associated with these weeks (however in some cases there may be resort fees that are paid to the resort at the time of check-in)!  That’s one of the major benefits of this program.  More weeks are available to Club Members without having to pay an exchange fee as they must with the larger exchange companies.

Check your email each week for the current Adventure Club listings.  The email generally goes out on Monday and will show everything that is currently available in the Adventure Club.  If you see something you are interested in, call quickly as the weeks tend to book fast!

The Adventure Club is definitely a great benefit to the Vacation Club so be sure to keep your eye on it!  Your dream vacation may become a reality because of the Adventure Club!


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