To Accrue or Not Accrue?


Every year Vacation Club owners are asked to send in their accrual notices.  Every year people ask us the same questions about accruals.  Hopefully this post will help answer some of the most frequently asked questions in regards to accruing your Vacation Club Points.

You must send in your accrual notice prior to June 30th.  We need to receive some form of written notification that you wish to accrue your Points.  We know that you have paid for these Points and don’t want to lose them so why do we ask that you send in a written accrual form?  It really comes down to planning.  By June, we have completed the next year of Vacation Club Inventory Planning – making sure that every single Point has a piece of inventory attached to it so that if every single member of the Vacation Club decided to book a reservation in the year 2012, we have enough rooms.  However, that planning is not able to take into account how many extra room nights will be needed.  For that reason, we ask that if you are planning on having left over Points by the end of the year that you let us know so we may estimate how many additional Points will be in the system for the next year.

Once you send your form in by JUNE 30th, your account is noted that we received the form.  That does not mean that you cannot use your Points again until 2012.   Remember, your Points are good for one calendar year – January 1st – December 31st.  That still is the rule even if you have sent in your accrual notice.   The notice just allows us to note your account that any unused Points in your account as of December 31st will be rolled over to the next year.

For example,  Nell Fenwick has 90,000 Points annually and in 2011 she has only used 45,000 Points by June 30th.  That means that she has 45,000 Points remaining as of June 30 that are considered “live” Points for the rest of the 2011 usage year.  Those Points will expire on December 31 of 2011 UNLESS she sends in an accrual form.  So, Nell sends in her accrual form and it is received by June 30th. Her account is noted.  Her 45,000 Points are still live, meaning she can take those Points and use them for anything between now and December 31, 2011 as the booking windows dictate (meaning she can use them to book a year in advance if she had something that she wanted to book and had enough Points to do so).

So let’s say Nell uses 22,500 Points for a trip in October of 2011, changing her balance to 22,500 Points remaining in her account.  Nell is not able to take any more trips in 2011 because she has  no more time off available, so on December 31, her account balance is 22,500 Points.  Since she sent in her accrual form by June 30, those Points will roll over to 2012 as Accrued Points.

Dudley Do-Right, however, sent his form in after June 30th but before August 31st.  That means whatever Dudley’s account balance is on December 31st, only half of that balance will roll over to 2012 as Accrued Points.  If Dudley decides to use some of those Points between August 31st and December 31st, then he is able to do so without worry!

Snidely Whiplash forgot altogether to send in his Accrual form for his 2011 Points.  That means whatever his balance on December 31 is, it will expire at midnight January 1, 2012.  Snidely had better use his Points by December 31st or he will lose out on Points that he paid his annual Club Fees for!
It doesn’t matter what your balance is on June 30th!  If you think you may have a balance of 2011 Points on December 31st, then you should send in an accrual form.  That is the date the Points balance matters.

Once the form is sent it, you do not have to stop using your Points until 2012.  In fact, we want you to use them between June 30th and the end of the year.  We want you to continue to book vacations and enjoy them!

Points are not considered “Accrued” until January 1st of the next usage year  That means your 2011 Points will not be listed in your account as “Accrued” until then.  Remember, Accrued Points have a 4 month booking window.  That means that you book trips within 4 months of the arrival date using those Accrued Points.  If you need to book something further in advance, say 7 months in advance, you will not be able to use those Points first.

Do not forget that some of you may have other accrual options with your exchange company and there are certain deadlines that coincide with that so please remember to review your materials or log-in to the Owner’s Inn to see those requirements in your personalized account.

June 30: Accrual forms received – 100% of balance as of December 31st accrued.

August 31st: Accrual forms received – 50% of balance as of December 31st accrued.

After August 31st: Accrual forms received – 0% of balance as of December 31st accrued.

Points remain live until December 31st of that usage year.

Points are not considered Accrued Points until January 1st of next usage year.

You can send in your accrual form at any time prior to June 30!  Why wait?  Do it now while you’re thinking about it!


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One Response to “To Accrue or Not Accrue?”

  1. Cary Grant Says:

    I have just sent in my notice to accrue my 2011 points. I talked to an Innseason rep at a recent updating session but will make my suggestion again here to be sure it gets forwarded to someone.

    Each year I have minimal points to accrue (under ten thousand), points that I have paid for. Each year. some of those minimal points cannot be used for anything (even a round of golf) and I lose them. Since I paid for them, my idea would be for Innseason to allow those minimal points to continue, up to a certain point say at least a two nights minimum stay at an Innseason resort or a round of golf, etc., rather than simply lose what has already been paid for. I know Innseason does not want us to continually carry over large amounts of points (like 40,000) but it seems if we cannot use the minimal points they should still be good for something since they have been paid for.

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