Vacation Club University – A Great Session!


Saturday, September 10, we held another session of the Vacation Club University.  This time we tested out a slightly new more interactive Vacation Club University.

32 Members were in attendance and we were happy to have them there with some great questions and comments about how they have been able to use their Points.  In talking with the members, we heard that there is some interest in St. Croix,  Alaska, and anywhere that the sun, surf and sand are plentiful.  We also had some of the members express interest in traveling to Las Vegas and Italy.  All great vacations  just waiting to happen!

Chenay Bay Beach Resort

One of the biggest tips given was to log in to the Owner’s Inn and familiarize yourself with your account.  Look at all the menu options.  Figure out what can be done online and save yourself a phone call or a stamp depending on what you’re trying to do.


Exchanging was also another topic that was discussed and in the near future, there will be blog posts with more information regarding exchanging.

The next VCU will be held in October and another is already being planned for November.  If you haven’t yet attended one, be sure to keep your eye on your email.  They are limited in size but with this new format, they will be happening more frequently throughout the year, so the chances of your ability to attend one should be better.

As always, if you ever have any questions regarding your InnSeason Vacation Club Membership, please feel free to contact us at or by phone at 800-228-2968 to discuss your account with an InnSeason Reservation Agent.


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