Plan now for January Skiing


We know that everyone is running around with “to do” lists and busily planning for the holidays. So sometimes it is hard to take a moment to plan for some special family time in 2012. (Yes, it is right around the corner too!) And there is nothing like a family ski trip to create those special memories. How cold was it when you hit the slopes? Trying boarding for the first time, is sure to bring laughs. Watching the kids take off on their own. Cherished memories for a lifetime. 

Perhaps some of you will be getting skis or ski clothes from Santa. In any case, January is the perfect time to head up to Lincoln. There is snow. Both Loon and Cannon have that covered. And it is simply less crowded…and if you go mid-week…you’ll never come back on a weekend. You’ll save money and have the slopes to yourself!!

Loon offers lessons in skiing and boarding starting at age 3!  Daycare too. What better time to learn. The staff is trained, and kids, well they seem to listen better to professional instructors, and it affords you time to enhance your skills!  Cannon Mountain has the world famous Tuckerbrook Family Area – 4 lifts, and 13 trails designed and built just for families.  And the prices are great. The trick is to call now. Plan today, so that your family can spend some time together this winter.  Call 800-228-2968 and book your winter getaway today!!!


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