Jump in to 2012.


Start planning your vacations now. As a Vacation Club member, you know that one of the Club’s biggest assets is its flexibility. And it is. But the simple truth is planning ahead doesn’t hurt. You can use your Club Points to make reservations (7 nights or more) up to 12 months in advance. Less than 7 nights made within 4 months*. That means that you can book for a week next November or December now (and certainly this summer) or for a shorter stay you can book for next April.  Call 800-228-2968 today so that you can look forward to some special time.

Escape to the Cape in the early spring for a few days. Mid-week on the Cape in early April is only 6,500 points per night!  Or plan now to spend a week in NH this summer. Kids love it. Biking, hiking, water parks, zip lines, trained bears and great swimming pools….all the things kids love. But you have to plan now to secure accommodations. Summer is prime time everywhere and availability is limited.

Make sure your fees are paid, grab a calendar and call. 800-228-2968. This summer, when you are relaxing poolside with the family you’ll be a hero…and you’ll be glad you did.

Note: “Accrued points” can be used to book stays within 4 months or less, as well.


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