Need More Points? A Tale of When to Buy


A lot of owners sometimes ask the question of why can’t they just book what they want, like Ogunquit in July or Lincoln in February using any points they have in their account.  The answer (sometimes) is simple, you need more points.

Let’s look at an example:

Lucy and Ricky Ricardo owned a week at the Falls.  During their annual week vacation in March, they attended an owner’s update and after learning about the InnSeason Vacation Club, they decided to convert their week to Points.  After the conversion was complete, they ended up with 65,000 Points annually.  Not a bad number of Points if you are one to take short getaway trips and last-minute exchanges for discounted Points.

For the first year of their Vacation Club membership, they were able to book the following reservations:

2 nights (3/6-3/8) at InnSeason Resorts Pollard Brook in a 1 Bedroom unit for 18,000 Points

2 nights (5/13-5/15) at InnSeason Resorts The Falls at Ogunquit in a 1 Bedroom unit for 18,000 Points

4 nights (11/4-11/8) at InnSeason Resorts Captain’s Quarters in a 1 Bedroom unit for 26,000 Points.

They accrued 3,000 Points on June 30th.

(All Points used were based on the 2012 Points Grid)

After trying out the other locations, the Ricardos realized that they really loved the Falls at Ogunquit and would like to book a week in late May or early June every year since they loved coastal Maine but at a different time than their old week used to be.

The Falls at Ogunquit

Looking back at their Points grid, they found that the spring weeks at the Falls are worth 90,000 Points for a full seven night stay.  In order to make sure that they are able to book the week that they want to have, they will have to make sure that they own enough annual Points  in order to book that reservation 12 months in advance.  Owning 65,000 Points and wanting to book a 90,000 Point week, clearly they have an issue.

In this instance, the Ricardos would be best off calling their sales representative and discussing their options for purchasing more Points.  The reason behind purchasing more Points rather than prepaying and borrowing the Points is simple.  If you borrow Points, you fall into the same 4 month booking window as accrued Points.  By owning the amount of Points needed on an annual basis, then you simply pre-pay your annual Club Fees and book a year ahead.  No 4 month window to hinder you from getting the week of vacation you desire!

After the Ricardos upgrade their Club membership and now own 110,000 Points (they wanted a little extra so they could still take a weekend to themselves somewhere else within the Vacation Club).  That means they are now able to book using those Points a year in advance.

Having more Points allows them to book a year in advance without any of the hassle of accrued Points or borrowing Points.  If they decide in June of 2012 that they want to book the same week in June of 2013, they simply need to prepay their 2013 Points and then use their 2013 Points to book the June week.

It all depends on how you plan on using your Vacation Club membership.  If, after the first year of using the Club, you find that you want to take more vacations, longer vacations, or a vacation during a higher Point season and it’s something that you plan on doing quite often in the future, the best option is to purchase more Points.  This will help you open up the booking window and allow you to use that 12 month booking window in order to book the reservation you wish to have!


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