Why You Should Book an Owner Update Today


You know that being a timeshare owner provides you with a lifetime of wonderful vacation opportunities.  You also know that there will come a point when your needs or the program may change.  When those things happen, how do you learn how to use your ownership to meet your new needs?

Owner Updates are a great resource and are something you should consider attending if you haven’t been to one recently.

The Vacation Club is an ever-evolving product.  There are always new features added and new things to be learned.  When changes are implemented, an Owner Update is the best resource to learn how to make the changes work for you and improve your vacation experience.

When new DestINNation resorts are added to the Vacation Club’s list of inventory, attending an Owner Update will give you all of the new details on the new location and provide you with information on Points values for booking at the newest location.

The Owner Update is also the perfect place to learn more about how your membership with RCI literally opens up a whole world of travel options for you and your family.  The Vacation Specialist are well versed in how to work with RCI and your Vacation Club membership and are able to walk you through the process as well as provide valuable tips on how to make dream vacations into reality.

If you have questions or comments about how you have been using your Vacation Club membership, bring them to the Owner Update.  The Vacation Specialists are there to help answer any and all questions.  Any comments you share with them will be brought back to the Vacation Club Board of Directors and the Management Company so that they can understand what the members enjoy or what may need some improving upon.

Owner Updates are offered in two different ways.

If you are staying at one of the InnSeason Resorts (and a few of the DestINNation properties), you can expect to get a call from the in-house team of Vacation Specialists to see if you have some time while you are visiting to come down and talk about how your Vacation Club membership is working for you.  They will address any of your questions and fill you in on the latest changes to the Vacation Club.  You do not have to purchase anything.  These updates are just that, an update for you to see if you have been making the most of your Vacation Club membership.

The second way you can attend an Owner Update is by attending one of the meetings held near your home.  These presentations are offered in function rooms throughout New England.  If you happen to live in one of the areas where the presentation is being offered and haven’t attended an Owner Update recently, within the last 6 months or so, you can expect an invitation to meet the Vacation Specialist and hear about any changes to the Vacation Club.    If you are invited to one, you should come and learn new tips and practices that will provide you with more vacations and even save you money.  While at the meeting, you will have an opportunity to hear from other Club Members and their experience using the Vacation Club.

However you choose to attend, an Owner Update is a very personalized way to learn about new features of your Vacation Club membership.  The update also gives you a chance to tell us what aspects are working for you and what changes you would recommend.

To book your Owner Update today, call 866-873-2766 today!


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