Don’t Forget About the Prepayment Plan!


As the year winds down, it’s time to remember that there is a choice when it comes to paying your annual club fees.

The 2013 Club Fees are being mailed out.  For those of you who were on a payment plan for your 2013 use year points, that means that you may receive a bill that includes your final portion of your 2013 fees.  Your invoice will show your 2013 fees minus any payments that you have made during the past year.  The credit on the statement will not reflect any pending December payments.

Club members who did not take advantage of the pre-payment option for the 2013 usage year will receive the bill in full and it is due on January 1,2013.

If you would like to spread your payment throughout the year, you may want to consider signing up for the pre-payment plan.  It may be too late to do it for the 2013 use year, but after you have paid your 2013 Club Fees you can get a head start on 2014.

Log on to the Owner’s Inn and sign up (after you have paid your 2013 fees) to begin a pre-payment plan on your 2014 use year points.  This will help you be able to better manage your club fees and allow you to relax at the end of the year when the club fee statements come out.

Once logged in, click on your contract number and enter into your owner account.  Then on the left hand menu, select the option “Forms/Payments.”

That will open a new window and show a list of forms and payment options.  Select the second to last option on the list, “Monthly Pre-Payment Plan.”

The second to last option on the list “Monthly Pre-Payment Plan” is the link you want.

This will provide you with a form to fill out and show you the estimated 2014 Club fees.  It will also show you how the annual fee will be broken down over the coming months to make your annual club fee a bit more manageable.

Tip: The earlier you opt into the pre-payment plan, the lower your monthly payments will be.

The message you will see at the top of the form explains the terms of the Monthly Pre-Payment option.

The black box at the bottom of the page will show you the estimated 2014 Club Fee and the monthly payments you will be billed for.

Tip:  Remember that if you are using a credit card to pay your monthly pre-payment plan, use a credit card that is not set to expire during the pre-payment plan.

The benefits of using this pre-payment plan option are many.  Your bill is split up into more manageable payments.  You are no longer having to pay a large bill during the holidays.  You are able to have your annual use year points available on January 1st because you are paid in full by that date.  It gives you the optimum booking windows and ability to plan well in advance of any vacations you may want to take.  No matter how you look at it, it’s a wise choice to make.

Also, remember that this is NOT something that is renewed automatically every year.  You may choose to do this for 2014 but remember that if you would like to do this again for 2015, you must sign up again at some point in 2014 for the next use year.

So log on today and pay your 2013 Club fees online at the Owner’s Inn.  Then set up the payment plan for your 2014 points and see how easy it is to get ahead of the curve and plan amazing vacations!


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