Time to Update your Owner’s Binder


We are halfway through the first quarter and if you haven’t already, you should log on to the Owner’s Inn and review your account.

You should check your points balance. Make sure that your 2013 regular points are allocated and available.  You should check the status of your 2012 points. If you accrued your points, they should now be listed in your account as accrued.

Make sure that your address, phone number, and most importantly, your email address is up to date.  We do so much of our communication electronically so if we do not have an accurate email address, you may be missing out on special offers and important Vacation Club news.

Another piece of important information to check is the 2013 points grids.

These are located in the Owner’s Inn under the “How To/Reference Guides” menu option.

new navigation_how tojpg

Once you select that menu option, the second option on the page, Club Points Grids, will allow you to view all of the 2013 grids.  You can then print these grids out and add them to your Vacation Club binder.  It’s a good idea to at least take a look at these grids because we do highlight the holiday weeks and school vacation weeks which change from year to year, which means the points values may be higher at different times than the previous year.

Also, it’s a good idea to look at the Destinnation Points Grids because the list of Destinnation Resorts may have changed since you last printed out the grid.

Every few months, you should get in the habit of checking out your Owner’s Inn account to see if there are any changes or anything that needs updating, including these helpful forms and reference guides.

If there are any guides or how to’s you would like to see added to this page, please let us know by leaving a comment below!

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