Booking Bonus Weeks


One of the best perks of being a Vacation Club member are the additional weeks that are available for very good discounted prices or even for Points!

Log on to the Owner’s Inn to see what weeks are available for cash or points and then call Owner Services to book (as of right now you cannot book these weeks online).

Right now, the list has some great vacation opportunities waiting!

Palm Beach Shores Resort is a great way to escape the cool Spring days of early April and get a sneak peek at Summer temperatures.  Book a one bedroom unit for 90,000 Points or for $599 for the week of April 6 – 13.  That’s a bargain since the regular nightly rate is $279/night!

Palm Beach Shores Resort

Palm Beach Shores Resort

Williamsburg is also a popular spring destination.  Williamsburg Plantation has a two bedroom unit available for the week of April 20 – 27.  This resort is located near many of Williamsburg’s great golf courses and other attractions.  Book this week for $499 or for 135,000 Points.

Williamsburg Plantation

Williamsburg Plantation

There are back to back weeks in Hilton Head available for the first two weeks in May at the Sea Crest Surf and Racquet Club.  The first week is available in a one bedroom unit from May 4 – 11 for $499 or 90,000 Points.  The second week is available in a one bedroom unit from May 11 – 18 for $399 or 65,000 Points.  This is a great chance to explore a beautiful new vacation spot and either use your Points without the exchange fee or buy an additional week of vacation at a very great deal!

Sea Crest Surf and Racquet Club

Sea Crest Surf and Racquet Club

Always wanted to vacation on Martha’s Vineyard?  Well, here’s your chance!  Right now on the Bonus Week list, there is a week at Harbor Landing Condominiums for the week of June 8 – 15, the best time to visit – before the real summer crowds descend!  Enjoy a studio unit for $399 or 90,000 Points.

Harbor Landing Condominiums

Harbor Landing Condominiums

Be sure to check the Bonus Week List often.  Weeks are continuously added as the inventory is deposited to the Vacation Club.  Also, the prices are reduced 60 days from the arrival date so if you want a real bargain, you can wait until the last-minute and get a really great vacation for a great value!

Another thing to keep in mind – you can always gift these weeks or let friends and family use these weeks.   If you have a friend or family member who would like to travel and there is a week on the list that interests them, you are more than welcome to book the week for them!

Just remember, if you see something you are interested in, it is best to call Owner Services as soon as possible because you never know how long a week will remain on the list.


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