Booking Windows Are the Key!


We set the clocks ahead this past weekend.  Spring is just around the corner and Summer is fast approaching!  If you haven’t already secured your Summer vacation, there is still some time to book it.


The key to booking your Summer Vacation are the booking windows.  First you need to understand what Points are available in your Vacation Club account.  To do this, you simply log on to the Owner’s Inn and check out your Vacation Club account. Once you have established how many points you have and what status they are in (Regular or Accrued), you now can start to figure out how long you want to go on vacation for.

Remember to use Accrued Points or to stay for less than seven (7) nights you have to book within 120 days of your desired arrival date. For vacations of a week or more, use Regular Points and book up to a year out.

If you want to go for a full week or for a short weekend getaway, depending on when you want to travel and the date you call to book that travel, there are different Points that can be used.  Accrued Points can help you book a weekend getaway between now and mid-May.  You can use your Annual Points to book a nice fall week.

To really understand booking windows, you should go log on to the Owner’s Inn and select the “How To/Reference Guides” from the left hand menu side.

new navigation_how tojpg

From there, select the How to Make a Reservation menu option and review it so that you know what all your booking options are!

Feel free to print this guide out and add to your Owner Binder so that you have it to reference throughout the year.  After you review it, call Owner Services and book your vacations!


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