Voting is Still Open


Last Tuesday, October 1, the Vacation Club Annual Meeting was held in West Yarmouth.  We did have a few Club Members come and we were able to review the 2012 Year End Financials and 2013 Year-to-Date Financials.  Steve Furrer, the Director of the InnSeason Vacation Club, also discussed some changes to the Vacation Club as well as future plans for the Vacation Club, including potential new resorts.

The biggest issue for the meeting was the election.  The Vacation Club election was held prior to the meeting however, a quorum was not reached at the meeting and the results of the election could not be finalized.

For that reason, we are leaving the election open until a quorum is reached.  The Vacation Club bylaws require that a 15% quorum be reached to complete the election.  That means we need everyone’s vote.

Please head to the Owner’s Inn right now and vote.

If you have already voted, thank you.  You can only vote once so if you have already cast your ballot, you are all set.  If you haven’t yet cast your ballot, please do so.

We recently sent out an email with detailed directions on how to log in and how to cast your vote for this open seat on the Vacation Club board.  Please go online and vote.  It’s your Vacation Club.  Let your voice be heard and help create a Vacation Club that will continue to represent your needs.

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