There’s a Mystery in Lincoln


After the snow begins to melt in Lincoln, there is a mystery to be solved.  This April 12-13, you are invited to a wedding where people are disappearing. The towns of Lincoln and Woodstock are putting on a murder-mystery weekend and you’re the detective who can crack the case.

In the 5th Annual Lincoln Woodstock Murder Mystery Weekend, Til Death Do Us Part, will puzzle you and send you looking for clues!


People have been going missing during the wedding of two local townspeople.  There have been reports of lights and objects in the sky.  Now, it’s your job to find out what is really going on here in this sleepy mountain town.  Who needs Mulder and Scully when we have you?!

mulders poster

Reserve a room at InnSeason Resorts Pollard Brook and enjoy a fun weekend trying to solve this mystery!  There great prizes for those who are able to guess who, or what, done it!   Call Owner Services today to get your unit at Pollard Brook and then register as a gumshoe for your chance to solve this strange series of events.


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