Make your Vacation Club Reservations on line!!


We are thrilled to tell you about online reservations, because we know that it is going to change your enjoyment of the InnSeason Vacation Club. You can your vacations online – anytime! When you are logged in you will see ALL the inventory available to you. You can choose your vacation based on when there is space available. You can review with your family and decide at home, after dinner, and the system applies the rules. It will use accrued points first (when applicable) so you don’t have to worry. We launched it in early June, and it has been a huge success!


First, as with all our online applications, you login at “Owner’s Inn.” Once logged in, you click on your orange contract link, which brings you to your Owner’s Detail Page. Here, you’ll see an orange link “Make Club Reservations”.

home 6_2014

Click on the link. You will be brought to a window that lets you “search for available” rooms. Stay here and play a while. You’ll see what is available to you based on your point balance, the day you are booking and the dates you want to vacation. If you search for 7 day vacations, only those accommodations available for the entire seven days will show. So play around. Search for a lot, or a little. Here are a couple of examples:


This search is  for July and August. At any location. And for only 3 nights. So since the points are available, all kinds of options pop up as choices. Then I can decide. Would it be nice on the Cape or Maine? If I am limited on time, I’ll know what’s available when I can get away, if I am flexible, I get even more choices.


Match 3These are just some of the choices…but you get the idea.


Choose the vacation you want and “book it”. A point allocation window will pop up, showing you which points will be used for the booking. Once you click “Book Stay” a Pending Reservation window will appear, essentially confirming your stay.



You’ll get a confirmation email too. The only way to truly assess this system is to try it. So, please do, and let us know what you think.



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