Playtime Points are once again available online!



Last year, over 190 of our Vacation Club Owners purchased Dining Certificates through the online system. In other words. It was a very popular facet of the Vacation Club.


It is easy and the system lets you order right online, at any time. Cards are available in $50 increments at several popular restaurants near our resorts. We have added new restaurants on the Cape and offer the classics in Lincoln and Ogunquit.  Login to your Vacation Club account. You’ll see the link to the new Playtime Points Requests in the left hand navigation column. Once there, take a minute and review the Rules and Regulations. The system will abide by the rules and only allow you to book when your points are eligible. You will receive your gift card(s) in 5-10 business days.  


2 Responses to “Playtime Points are once again available online!”

  1. norma e.bellofa5t Says:

    How do I get my playtime rewards such as restaurant vouchers at Fall in Oguniquit maine for feb.17 and 18th I already have used points to rent 3 rooms. My Contract # is196466

    • capecodblogger Says:

      The Playtime Points Restaurant Certificates are purchased with your Vacation Club Points. They are not rewards. If you have points left you can purchase certs for either Angelina’s or Mike’s Clam Shack (the two Ogunquit Restaurants we have now). You have to log in to your account at, then if you have available points you can purchase through the website. It should only take a week or two to get the gift cards. It appears that you have plenty of points. You simply have to decide if you want to use your points that way.

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