I want to take a vacation, but I’m not really sure how to use my points.



You bought points and you were excited to start using them to go on vacation. But when you finally decided to go, it seemed like you couldn’t book what you wanted. We understand, there are times when availability is limited.

We work in the vacation ownership industry. We think about vacations (not even our own) all the time. We know a little secret, and although we try to share it, not everyone listens. If you have something in mind…start early.

Planning ahead works! And honestly, so does being flexible. OK, two secrets. Learn about your Points and the booking windows. Decide where you’d like to go, then start looking, but be willing to bend. Go a day later. Stay 4 days instead of 7. Try New Hampshire in the summer. And book as early as you can!! Research and PLAN.

If you really don’t know where to start, and are overwhelmed, if you send an email to Dave Zukowski,  InnSeason’s Purchase Relations Manager – dzukowski@innseason.com, you can ask him to put you on the list for his next Vacation Club University. He periodically holds classes, either on the Cape or in New Hampshire, where he helps owners get comfortable with the Vacation Club and how to use it. (And using RCI online.)

Next, log in to Owner’s Inn. We say that over and over…for a good reason. It is truly an asset to your Vacation Club Membership. You can pay your fees online, change your address, link to RCI directly, and best of all plan and book your vacations using our online booking engine.   Log in Guides can be found here.

If you proceed step by step…you will open a window into a world of planning your vacation. To see everything out there ( a good way to start)…”uncheck” the box that limits what you see by your points.

club booking window 2

Maybe you’ll see something you never even thought of. We have some great DestINNation resorts and they frequently have availability when our Club Resorts don’t. Want the Cape? Have you tried The Cove at Yarmouth? Great indoor Pool. Great location for exploring all of Cape Cod.

And if you need help. Call our wonderful Owner’s Services Department at 855-501-3003. Erin and her team want you to go on vacation. It is their primary mission.

So if doing something fun this summer is your mission. Start today. PLAN NOW.



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