August 31. Final Accrual Date


Accrual Reminder – To accrue 50% of your points we must be notified in writing by August 31, 2016.

h--hubspot-hubspot_sized_images-august_31_2012_-_320_wideImportant notice In order to save 50% of your unused 2016 points from this year to 2017 we have to be notified in writing prior to August 31, that you wish to accrue half of the points remaining in your account on 12/31/16.
If you do not notify us, any points balance remaining in your account on 12/31 will expire. If you are receiving this notice it means that we have not received an accrual request from you.
We highly recommend that you login to “Owner’s Inn” ( and review your account and our online accrual forms as soon as you receive this email.

Remember, you may continue to use all of your 2016 points to book vacations after sending in the accrual request form. The notice just assures that any balance will be accrued.

 So please, if you haven’t booked a vacation, plan a getaway today! We want you to use your points, not lose them.

To Accrue:

1. Online: Login to “Owner’s Inn“. (Login directions are available under “This Just Inn” on our home page.) Once logged in, Click on the orange contract number in the center of the page, once there, click on the “Forms/Payments” tab in the left hand navigation, and complete the online Accrual Form or print out a form to fax or mail to: InnSeason Vacation Club, 75 Perseverance Way, Hyannis, MA 02601.
2. Email:
3. Fax: (508) 957-1808
4. Write: InnSeason Vacation Club, 75 Perseverance Way, Hyannis, MA 02601.
If you have questions about using your points or any other aspect of the InnSeason Vacation Club, please feel free to contact our Owner Services department at

Your point balance, online assistance, and online forms are available when you are logged in to the “Owner’s Inn“.
Accrual Help.

What are Accrued Points?

Accrued Points are points that are not used (the balance left in your account on 12/31) in the current Use Year and are saved (carried over) to the following Use Year, and subject to different booking windows.

If you are unable to use all or some of your points during the Use Year, you MUST notify us in writing by June 30th so that the full balance of your remaining points may be accrued for use in the next Use Year.

If that deadline is missed…you may notify us by August 31st, 50% of your points balance will be accrued.

How do I Save/Accrue Points?

  • Points may be accrued for one Use Year only. (For example – Use Year Points from 2016 can only be accrued to 2017.)
  • You must submit an Accrual Form by June 30th to guarantee the accrual of any unused points into the following Use Year.
  • After that deadline, you must let us know by August 31st that you wish to accrue 50% of your 12/31 point balance.
  • If you miss that deadline any points remaining on December 31st will expire.

You may continue to use your points and, since the form is submitted, any remaining balance will be accrued

How will I know that you have received my “Accrual Request Form”?

If you use the online form you will see an automatically generated email response. If you mail or Fax in your request you will receive an email if we have your email address. Otherwise, login to Owner’s Inn and review your Vacation Club Contract. If we have received your request the “Expiration Date” of your 2016 Points will be highlighted in Red. A rollover window will let you know that we have “received your request to accrue these points”.

accrual 2

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