Using the online reservation system.


We constantly encourage Club Members to use the online reservation system because it really does help people plan and go on vacation. We know that it was easier to just show up on Week 22 than it is to think about and plan your vacation. You just put a red line through those dates when you got your new calendar. And your job was done.

But, we know that you purchased or switched to our Vacation Club because you truly wanted more flexibility in your vacationing. Right? You wanted to escape for a mid-winter weekend. You dream about walking on the beach in the fall. The kids have grown up and you don’t want to go away in July. So take a hint from the experts:; Log on to The Owner’s Inn at and let our wonderful reservation system help you find the perfect vacation. (If you haven’t logged in before there are printable login guides right there.)


The beauty of the online system is that it does the work for you. It sees how many points you have (assuming that you are paid up to date) and it knows the booking windows. You can look two ways (see below). Look based on your points…or simply look and see what is available. Sometimes just seeing that there is a weekend on the Cape in May…makes you decide to go to the Cape in May. (And trust us, in May you will be glad that you booked it ahead of time!).


See the little box at the bottom of the circled area. You can un-check and display even those units that are beyond your point reach. (You can reduce nights…or borrow points…or pay in advance if you want to take advantage of what you see.) Call Owner’s Services at 855-501-3003 to discuss your options. At least you will know what is available.

So if you haven’t used the system. (Once logged in you just click on your contract number and you’ll see the link on your overview page.) Just click and start looking.



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