Checking in frequently to the Owner’s Inn paged and the Timehsare Genius Training and Support pages are the best way to stay up to date and enjoy your Vacation Club Membership.

Start on the Owner’s Home Page.  Go to  See below. If you need help, if you don’t have your contract number or just don’t understand – just call. 1-855-501-3003.

Owners Inn

Now, check out all the cool things you can do from your Owner’s Dashboard. (That’s our name for it.)

1-5 home

The screen shot above does not contain live links (it wouldn’t work) and is just a snap shot so you can find these helpful links on your own screen. They are all useful benefits of your Vacation Club Membership. You should check Bonus Weeks periodically, and use our Reservation System frequently just for getting ideas and of course for making plans and reservations.

  1. Bonus Weeks– extra vacations for points or cash
  2. Playtime Points– use this year’s points for gift cards
  3. Make Club Reservations – see what’s available and book your vacation
  4. Timeshare Genius Program – helpful guides and tips for using your membership

TG login

  1. Owner’s Online Information– Club newsletters, meeting minutes, financials, etc.

Also, a little reminder – the Green Box in the upper right Corner – set up monthly fee payments. (click this link and you can break up your next year’s fees into smaller monthly pre-payments)  Additionally, there are links for payments in the left hand navigation of your “Owner’s Dashboard” as well. HINT: Pre-Paying monthly is a convenience loved my many of our owners, and this is a great time to get started!

pay bills

And should you forget. We remind you. When you are logged in, we provide a nice “to do” list!

to do list

So, take a moment, log on…and explore. Book a vacation while you are there too.  We’ll share more about our new Timeshare Genius program next time.





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