Playtime Points – Use extra points for dining.


Playtime Points are one of the InnSeason Vacation Club Members benefits. You are able to purchase dinner certificates with your Vacation Club Points. Many owners find that they have extra points after vacationing and this benefit allows those points to be used in a way that enhances their vacation. They purchase dining certificates at popular restaurants, located near our Vacation Club resorts. To check it our further, login in to your account through “Owners Inn” at:


Anejo -Mexican Bistro, Falmouth & Angelina’s Ristorante in Ogunquit

On your “Contract Details” page, click on the “Playtime Points Requests” navigation in the left hand column. You’ll be directed to the Playtime Points Overview page.  Please read the “Rules and Regulations.”  You may only use Current Use Year Points and they are deducted immediately, at the time of the transaction.  And remember, all orders are final!
Next, click on the “New Requests” tab. You’ll see a list of restaurants sorted by region. Currently, we offer restaurants near our resorts.  Click on the row with the restaurant of your choice and a box will popup allowing you to purchase Gift Cards. Ordering one will purchase $50 in Restaurant Gift Cards, ordering four will purchase $200 worth. $50 is the minimum purchase.
The cards will be ordered and sent directly to you at the address we have on file for your account. You will receive an email notification when the transaction is complete.
The card use rules are determined by the restaurant.  The Points will be deducted from your account right away so, you are free to use the certificates as soon as you receive them.
Please email any comments to so we can correct any issues or clarify the process for other owners. We hope you enjoy this new convenience, and we look forward to your comments.
Participating Restaurants:

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