About the InnSeason Vacation Club

The InnSeason Vacation Club is a three year old points based timeshare club based on Cape Cod, in West Yarmouth. We currently have 7 resorts which we manage in Maine, New Hampshire and Cape Cod, plus affiliate resorts in Ireland, Cape Cod, Florida and the USVI. Our telephone number is 508-957-1800. We may be found on the web at www.innseason.com .


13 Responses to “About the InnSeason Vacation Club”

  1. Terri Farmer Says:

    will there be more vacation club university classes coming up?

  2. Paul Carney Says:

    The next Vacation Club University will be held on November 15 at 9 AM in Ogunquit. Please RSVP to the Owner Services department if you hope to attend.

  3. Tom OHara Says:

    How come you are not doing the 50% off points during the off season this year. My wife and I are very dissapointed.

  4. travelinfool Says:

    Thanks for you note. We offer the 50% off specials whenever we have lots of extra suites available. Historically those periods have been in both the Spring and the Fall. This year we have much less inventory available in the Fall as many members waited until the second half of the year to use their points. Rest assured that the special will be back next Spring.

  5. mustang69 Says:

    With the hike in maintenence fees I think owners should be granted, at the very least, free internet access at all the resorts.

    • travelinfool Says:

      Thanks for your note. The charges for the internet service are charged by the resort Homeowner Associations. They have entered into contracts with the supplier company and pay monthly for the service and the equipment. Each and every building at the resorts had to be wired for connectivity and equipment had to be purchased. While it is a goal of the resorts and the Boards to go to free wireless, they are all in the last year(s) of the contracts with the existing provider.

      Remember, wireless technology and internet demand has increased rapidly over the past three years. When this service was installed we had little demand from our members to offer little more than basic internet service. Now that people are traveling with laptops the demand has increased. We will improve the service as soon as the existing contracts expire.

  6. cnadavis Says:

    Is there a way to get information mailed to us from the vacation club university classes–for those of us who don’t live near the resort?

    • travelinfool Says:

      Thanks for your note. I’ll drop a cd of the program and the guidebook into the mail for you. We are working on the creation of a podcast of the entire program and that should be available after this next class.

  7. dhidenfelter Says:

    Could I have the same? I too am not close to any resorts.

  8. Chris Quinn Says:

    What’s the status with the Aruban Resort & Casino. We learned recently that InnSeason was discontinuing its affiliation with that resort until further notice. What happens to the Getaway Package I purchased for this trip and now cannot use?

    • travelinfool Says:

      Thanks for the note. While we are no longer affiliated with the resort we are still sending package buyers to the resort. There has been a change in management and they are making a concerted effort to keep on top of things at the resort. Our biggest issue has been the shortage of towels at the resort. They do eventually arrive at your room, it just takes what seems like forever.

      Please feel free to contact the department that sold you the package. I believe that they’ll be able to help you book your vacation.

  9. Tere Porter Says:

    What is Bonus Times?

    • wanderingwestie Says:

      Bonus Time is a highly discounted rate that is available to members only. This discounted rate is based on availablity and can only be booked within 14 days of arrival . Bonus time is great for last minute getaways. Please be patient as sometimes, when you call 14 days out, you may not get inventory right away and may have to call back the morning before you want to stay in order to take advantage of these great rates.

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