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July 20, 2015

If you are like most of us you have good intentions, but never seem to have enough time. red banners_bonus week_smYou know that we have an awesome new online Vacation Club booking engine, as well as internet access to our current Bonus Weeks. But you forget to look….never-mind book. So we created a new, little newsletter. It simply shares what’s new in bonus Weeks and whats’ out there for Club availability. It is a little reminder. To book some fun for you and your family.

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Why You Should Book an Owner Update Today

September 25, 2012

You know that being a timeshare owner provides you with a lifetime of wonderful vacation opportunities.  You also know that there will come a point when your needs or the program may change.  When those things happen, how do you learn how to use your ownership to meet your new needs?

Owner Updates are a great resource and are something you should consider attending if you haven’t been to one recently.

The Vacation Club is an ever-evolving product.  There are always new features added and new things to be learned.  When changes are implemented, an Owner Update is the best resource to learn how to make the changes work for you and improve your vacation experience.

When new DestINNation resorts are added to the Vacation Club’s list of inventory, attending an Owner Update will give you all of the new details on the new location and provide you with information on Points values for booking at the newest location.

The Owner Update is also the perfect place to learn more about how your membership with RCI literally opens up a whole world of travel options for you and your family.  The Vacation Specialist are well versed in how to work with RCI and your Vacation Club membership and are able to walk you through the process as well as provide valuable tips on how to make dream vacations into reality.

If you have questions or comments about how you have been using your Vacation Club membership, bring them to the Owner Update.  The Vacation Specialists are there to help answer any and all questions.  Any comments you share with them will be brought back to the Vacation Club Board of Directors and the Management Company so that they can understand what the members enjoy or what may need some improving upon.

Owner Updates are offered in two different ways.

If you are staying at one of the InnSeason Resorts (and a few of the DestINNation properties), you can expect to get a call from the in-house team of Vacation Specialists to see if you have some time while you are visiting to come down and talk about how your Vacation Club membership is working for you.  They will address any of your questions and fill you in on the latest changes to the Vacation Club.  You do not have to purchase anything.  These updates are just that, an update for you to see if you have been making the most of your Vacation Club membership.

The second way you can attend an Owner Update is by attending one of the meetings held near your home.  These presentations are offered in function rooms throughout New England.  If you happen to live in one of the areas where the presentation is being offered and haven’t attended an Owner Update recently, within the last 6 months or so, you can expect an invitation to meet the Vacation Specialist and hear about any changes to the Vacation Club.    If you are invited to one, you should come and learn new tips and practices that will provide you with more vacations and even save you money.  While at the meeting, you will have an opportunity to hear from other Club Members and their experience using the Vacation Club.

However you choose to attend, an Owner Update is a very personalized way to learn about new features of your Vacation Club membership.  The update also gives you a chance to tell us what aspects are working for you and what changes you would recommend.

To book your Owner Update today, call 866-873-2766 today!

Points or Bonus Week? What’s the Difference?

September 17, 2012

The Bonus Week List is the place where you can find some great vacations available at either DestINNation Resorts or Adventure Club resorts.  The resorts on this list are very exceptional resorts that have met a strict guideline held by the InnSeason Vacation Club before either becoming a DestINNation resort or a resort accepted into the Adventure Club.

To access the Bonus Week list, simply log in to your Owner’s Inn account and click on your contract number to get into your dashboard (the main screen with all of your contract information).  When you get into your contract, you will see a menu on the left hand side of the screen.

Bonus Week List (fourth from the top) is where we keep the current list of available weeks.

After you click on the Bonus Weeks List option, you will see a page that looks like this:

Bonus Week List

This page will show the current and complete list of what is available.

To get more information on a week you see, simply click on the little red circle to expand the block.

Click on the little red circle to the right of the available week to expand and get more information.

Once you have taken a look at the week and unit information, you will notice that there are two prices listed.  One is a Points value and the second is a dollar amount.  Why do we list both?

This list is available for both.

If you are a Vacation Club member and looking to spend your Points on an exchange to somewhere outside of the InnSeason Vacation Club resorts, this list is a great starting point for that vacation search.

Each week listed is available for the Points Value listed and the closer we get to the arrival date, the Points value will drop because it is considered a last minute booking.  The Points Values are your only cost when booking with points so when you book off of this list with your Points, you do not have to pay an exchange fee.

The dollar amount that is listed is associated with the Bonus Week.  Vacation Club members are able to purchase weeks of vacation in addition to their annual Points allocation every year.  These weeks are reserved for the one vacation, meaning you do not get that week every year in your account (just to be clear).

This is a great option if you are planning to use all of your Points through the Vacation Club but still have time to travel and want an affordable option.  These are also great ideas for gifts for family and friends.

So, the next time you are thinking about making an exchange or at a loss of what you get your adult children for Christmas, log on and see what’s available.  It could be the vacation you’ve always dreamed of!

More Adventures for You to Enjoy this Fall!

July 23, 2012

We have some more great locations on the Bonus Week list.  Whether you enjoy them yourself or if you decide to give them as a gift (they do make wonderful birthday and anniversary gifts for friends and family!), these deals are so good, they are hard to pass up!


Williamsburg Plantation

Enjoy a week in historic Williamsburg, VA starting on Saturday, September 1 through Saturday September 8th.  Explore this colonial town and experience one of America’s most historic places!  There are lots of great golf courses in the area and September is still perfect golf weather! Or enjoy the many great shops and unique boutiques that are in the area!  Don’t forget, Busch Gardens is another great idea for a fun day!

Enjoy a 2 bedroom unit at this beautiful resort for only 110,000 Points or for the Bonus Week Price of $699!


Early October is arguably one of the best times to visit Cape Cod.  The cool nights and the warm days, the quiet beaches, and the turning leaves.  Edgewater Resort is located in Dennisport, part of the Mid-Cape area and is the perfect spot to come and relax.  The resort is directly on the water with its own private beach and is central to many of the Cape’s great attractions that are still open for this last week of the vacation season.

Reserve this studio unit that is available starting on Saturday, October 6 and ending on Saturday October, 13.  Use 65,000 Points or purchase it as a Bonus Week for $499.  There is also a second week available for arrival on October 27 and departing on November 3.  This unit is a 1 bedroom unit available for $499 or for 50,000 Points!


Michigan is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the scenery!   Shanty Creek Vacation Club is located not far from the shores of Lake Michigan in Bellaire and in mid-October, you may just get to see some of their foliage as well!

Book this 2 bedroom unit arriving on October 19 and departing on October 26 for $699 or for 90,000 Points.

Mexico is a beautiful country and the west coast offers some of the world’s best beaches!  Located in Nuevo Vallarta, the Playa del Sol Grand is a gorgeous resort located right on the Banderas Bay.  A full service resort with spa treatments and restaurants located right on the property, you will enjoy relaxing at this amazing resort!

Book a 2 bedroom unit arriving on October 19 and departing on October 26 for $699 or for 110,000 Points.


Also located on the west coast of Mexico, the Velas Vallarta is in the heart of Puerto Vallarta – a well-known vacation destination.  Beautiful beaches, warm sun, and the best that Mexico can offer are available to you when you stay here.  A full service resort located right on the water, this resort has spa treatments, restaurants, and a private beach all available to you when you stay here!
Book a 1 bedroom unit arriving on October 20 and departing on October 27 for only $599 or 90,000 Points.  This is steal!


The Bahamas are the perfect Caribbean escape!  The Ocean Reef Resort is the perfect spot to enjoy all that Grand Bahama Island has to offer!  Bring the golf clubs along and enjoy one of the many courses available.  Take some diving lessons from the professionals at the Dive shop.  Not looking for adventure?  Pack some good books and just relax by the pool!  There’s something for everyone at this island resort!

Book a 3 Bedroom unit for arrival on October 27 and depart on November 3 for $799 or for 110,000 Points.

The Bonus Week list is always changing so be sure to log on to the Owner’s Inn on a regular basis to see what is new.  There are some great deals that appear from time to time, including destinations like Hawaii so check back!  The other benefit of the Bonus Week List is that you do not have to pay an exchange fee if you book with your Points!

If you see something today on the Bonus Week List, call Owner Services at 800-228-2968 to book!  Reservations are first come first serve and sometimes, weeks can go very quickly!

Need More Points? A Tale of When to Buy

January 24, 2012

A lot of owners sometimes ask the question of why can’t they just book what they want, like Ogunquit in July or Lincoln in February using any points they have in their account.  The answer (sometimes) is simple, you need more points.

Let’s look at an example:

Lucy and Ricky Ricardo owned a week at the Falls.  During their annual week vacation in March, they attended an owner’s update and after learning about the InnSeason Vacation Club, they decided to convert their week to Points.  After the conversion was complete, they ended up with 65,000 Points annually.  Not a bad number of Points if you are one to take short getaway trips and last-minute exchanges for discounted Points.

For the first year of their Vacation Club membership, they were able to book the following reservations:

2 nights (3/6-3/8) at InnSeason Resorts Pollard Brook in a 1 Bedroom unit for 18,000 Points

2 nights (5/13-5/15) at InnSeason Resorts The Falls at Ogunquit in a 1 Bedroom unit for 18,000 Points

4 nights (11/4-11/8) at InnSeason Resorts Captain’s Quarters in a 1 Bedroom unit for 26,000 Points.

They accrued 3,000 Points on June 30th.

(All Points used were based on the 2012 Points Grid)

After trying out the other locations, the Ricardos realized that they really loved the Falls at Ogunquit and would like to book a week in late May or early June every year since they loved coastal Maine but at a different time than their old week used to be.

The Falls at Ogunquit

Looking back at their Points grid, they found that the spring weeks at the Falls are worth 90,000 Points for a full seven night stay.  In order to make sure that they are able to book the week that they want to have, they will have to make sure that they own enough annual Points  in order to book that reservation 12 months in advance.  Owning 65,000 Points and wanting to book a 90,000 Point week, clearly they have an issue.

In this instance, the Ricardos would be best off calling their sales representative and discussing their options for purchasing more Points.  The reason behind purchasing more Points rather than prepaying and borrowing the Points is simple.  If you borrow Points, you fall into the same 4 month booking window as accrued Points.  By owning the amount of Points needed on an annual basis, then you simply pre-pay your annual Club Fees and book a year ahead.  No 4 month window to hinder you from getting the week of vacation you desire!

After the Ricardos upgrade their Club membership and now own 110,000 Points (they wanted a little extra so they could still take a weekend to themselves somewhere else within the Vacation Club).  That means they are now able to book using those Points a year in advance.

Having more Points allows them to book a year in advance without any of the hassle of accrued Points or borrowing Points.  If they decide in June of 2012 that they want to book the same week in June of 2013, they simply need to prepay their 2013 Points and then use their 2013 Points to book the June week.

It all depends on how you plan on using your Vacation Club membership.  If, after the first year of using the Club, you find that you want to take more vacations, longer vacations, or a vacation during a higher Point season and it’s something that you plan on doing quite often in the future, the best option is to purchase more Points.  This will help you open up the booking window and allow you to use that 12 month booking window in order to book the reservation you wish to have!

Points Sale Extended!!

April 4, 2011

The Spring Sale has been extended through May 26th! Enjoy a 25% discount on your Points when you book at select InnSeason Vacation Club Resorts and DestINNations!

This is a unique opportunity for all InnSeason Vacation Club Members. Book now and stay anytime before May 26th and SAVE 25%!!!

Choose from Cypress Pointe Resort or Cypress Pointe Grande Villas in Florida, InnSeason Resorts Falls at Ogunquit, InnSeason Resorts HarborWalk, InnSeason Resorts Pollard Brook or InnSeason Resorts South Mountain.  This is really unprecedented and we want to make sure as many of you as possible are taking advantage of this savings and GO ON VACATION!

Call Owner Services today to take advantage of this great special offer!