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Have you checked the Bonus Week list lately?

March 28, 2018
Bonus Weeks are available to all InnSeason Owners: Traditional Timeshare Owners and InnSeason Vacation Club Owners. Weeks (like those pictured below) are available for purchase with Vacation Club Points (accrued points are eligible) or Cash.
The weeks come to us from various sources and occasionally we will offer weeks that are available in our own inventory at reduced rates. They are available on a first come first served basis…and can be booked online. Once the week is reserved our Owner’s Services team will confirm with the resort that you booked at and get confirmation information to you. So we suggest waiting for that confirmation before booking flights or making travel plans.
To start exploring, log in to Owner’s Inn!
Bonus overview
Below are screen shots of the “New Request” tab, so you get an idea of the variety of vacations offered. (the links are not real!)  To see the complete list and book – log in to – Owner’s Inn.
Bonus 1
bonus 2
Marriott’s Villas at Doral
marriott at doral
bonus 3
The trick with bonus weeks is to grab them when you see them. Confirm your rental then book your flight. If you have questions, our Owner’s Services Team will be more than happy to help.

Vacation Club Online Classes Available Now

February 28, 2018

Great news! If you feel like you could use a little help understanding your Club Membership and want to learn how to book those vacations that you have dreamed about – we can help.

Start on the Owner’s Home Page.  Go to And log in to the Owner’s Inn. (Login guides are on the home page) If you need additional help, or don’t have your contract number or just don’t understand – just call. 1-855-501-3003. Once logged in, click on an orange contract number and go to your “Vacation Club Owner Services Page”. There you will find your links to our Timeshare Genius Program.  Click on the Timeshare Genius Program link.

Click on the Timeshare Genius Calendar link on the bottom of the chalkboard.

TG chalkboard

Look over the coming months calendar. This is where you can actually book a class. Take it at your convenience, at home. Learn about vacationing!!

TG Calendar

It’s hard to see what classes are offered in this screen shot (it is easier to see online!), but they cover: Owner’s Inn Introduction, Owner’s Inn Overview, Making a Reservation, RCI Overview, and Making an Exchange with RCI or Interval, and more.

Click on the title and more details pop-up and lead to a registration window.  (Copy the Class Code so you can paste it into the registration!)

TG class reservation

TG Registration

That’s it.   You are ready to go to school. We’ll contact you with details, but all you’ll need is a computer (or tablet) and a phone. No need to download anything to your computer either. We’ll provide simple login instructions. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and will immediately want to take all the classes!

If you have questions call 508-957-1900 or email



February 19, 2018

Checking in frequently to the Owner’s Inn paged and the Timehsare Genius Training and Support pages are the best way to stay up to date and enjoy your Vacation Club Membership.

Start on the Owner’s Home Page.  Go to  See below. If you need help, if you don’t have your contract number or just don’t understand – just call. 1-855-501-3003.

Owners Inn

Now, check out all the cool things you can do from your Owner’s Dashboard. (That’s our name for it.)

1-5 home

The screen shot above does not contain live links (it wouldn’t work) and is just a snap shot so you can find these helpful links on your own screen. They are all useful benefits of your Vacation Club Membership. You should check Bonus Weeks periodically, and use our Reservation System frequently just for getting ideas and of course for making plans and reservations.

  1. Bonus Weeks– extra vacations for points or cash
  2. Playtime Points– use this year’s points for gift cards
  3. Make Club Reservations – see what’s available and book your vacation
  4. Timeshare Genius Program – helpful guides and tips for using your membership

TG login

  1. Owner’s Online Information– Club newsletters, meeting minutes, financials, etc.

Also, a little reminder – the Green Box in the upper right Corner – set up monthly fee payments. (click this link and you can break up your next year’s fees into smaller monthly pre-payments)  Additionally, there are links for payments in the left hand navigation of your “Owner’s Dashboard” as well. HINT: Pre-Paying monthly is a convenience loved my many of our owners, and this is a great time to get started!

pay bills

And should you forget. We remind you. When you are logged in, we provide a nice “to do” list!

to do list

So, take a moment, log on…and explore. Book a vacation while you are there too.  We’ll share more about our new Timeshare Genius program next time.





Understanding Booking Windows helps you plan vacations.

December 2, 2015

As a Club Member, you have probably heard, about the value of knowing the booking windows. There’s a reason we sound like a broken record when it comes to this one particular aspect of booking reservations.  We want to make sure that you are clear about what Points to use and when to use them to get the vacation you desire.

calendar in blue

We have developed great reservation guidelines that offer some very comprehensive examples of how to use the booking windows to your advantage.  They can be found on the Owner’s Inn under Online Owner Services -> How To/Reference Guides.  If you have never looked at them, it might be wise to at least scan them over to maybe make sure you are at least familiar with all the terms and different categories of Points – Regular, Accrued, Borrowed, and Rented.

2016 is  ahead of us.  That means that if you have paid your Regular Use Year Points (Points allocated to 2016) you can book a full seven night stay any time up through December 31. Payment plans are set up to pay a year ahead…so if you pay monthly you are good to book 7 night stays throughout the year. If you just got your bill…you much pay your bill prior to booking. (The points are only usable once they are paid for!)

If you want a short-stay (a reservation of less than seven nights), you may book that up to four months in advance of the arrival date.  You don’t have to restrict yourself to the Regular Use Year Points, either.  In this booking window, you can use either Accrued, Borrowed, or Rented Points in addition to your Regular Use Year Points.

Knowing these little facts can make a world of difference when it comes to planning and making sure that you are able to reserve the vacation you are hoping to reserve.  Knowing that you can only use your Regular Use Year Points in the year in which they are allocated.  That means that if you want to book a full week stay in 2016 (and you have enough Regular Points in 2016 to do so), you would have to prepay your 2016 club fees or set up a prepayment plan and then you would be able to book up to 12 months in advance of the arrival date.


If you have questions about it, you can always log on and print out the How to Make A Reservation packet and review it.  The more you know about these booking windows and how to use your Points, the better you will be at booking the exact reservation you are trying to book!

Playtime Points are once again available online!

January 13, 2015


Last year, over 190 of our Vacation Club Owners purchased Dining Certificates through the online system. In other words. It was a very popular facet of the Vacation Club.


It is easy and the system lets you order right online, at any time. Cards are available in $50 increments at several popular restaurants near our resorts. We have added new restaurants on the Cape and offer the classics in Lincoln and Ogunquit.  Login to your Vacation Club account. You’ll see the link to the new Playtime Points Requests in the left hand navigation column. Once there, take a minute and review the Rules and Regulations. The system will abide by the rules and only allow you to book when your points are eligible. You will receive your gift card(s) in 5-10 business days.  

Make your Vacation Club Reservations on line!!

August 27, 2014

We are thrilled to tell you about online reservations, because we know that it is going to change your enjoyment of the InnSeason Vacation Club. You can your vacations online – anytime! When you are logged in you will see ALL the inventory available to you. You can choose your vacation based on when there is space available. You can review with your family and decide at home, after dinner, and the system applies the rules. It will use accrued points first (when applicable) so you don’t have to worry. We launched it in early June, and it has been a huge success!


First, as with all our online applications, you login at “Owner’s Inn.” Once logged in, you click on your orange contract link, which brings you to your Owner’s Detail Page. Here, you’ll see an orange link “Make Club Reservations”.

home 6_2014

Click on the link. You will be brought to a window that lets you “search for available” rooms. Stay here and play a while. You’ll see what is available to you based on your point balance, the day you are booking and the dates you want to vacation. If you search for 7 day vacations, only those accommodations available for the entire seven days will show. So play around. Search for a lot, or a little. Here are a couple of examples:


This search is  for July and August. At any location. And for only 3 nights. So since the points are available, all kinds of options pop up as choices. Then I can decide. Would it be nice on the Cape or Maine? If I am limited on time, I’ll know what’s available when I can get away, if I am flexible, I get even more choices.


Match 3These are just some of the choices…but you get the idea.


Choose the vacation you want and “book it”. A point allocation window will pop up, showing you which points will be used for the booking. Once you click “Book Stay” a Pending Reservation window will appear, essentially confirming your stay.



You’ll get a confirmation email too. The only way to truly assess this system is to try it. So, please do, and let us know what you think.


Playtime Points Are Available

July 2, 2014

We have completed our tests and are happy to announce that we now have Playtime Points available for sale via the Owner’s Inn!


The new online Playtime Points benefit, is a big hit.  It is easy, and lets you order right online, at any time. Gift Cards are available in $50 increments at several popular restaurants near our resorts. Login to your Vacation Club account. You’ll see the link to the new Playtime Points Requests page in the left hand navigation. Once there, take a minute and review the Rules and Regulations.The system will abide by the rules and only allow you to book when your points are eligible.

You will receive your gift card (s) in 5-10 business days.

Current Participants:

New Hampshire – LINCOLN

Woodstock Inn Station & Brewery

The Common Man


Angelina’s Ristorante & Wine Bar

Mike’s Clam Shack

Massachusetts – FALMOUTH

The Quarterdeck Restaurant

British Beer Company


Pilot House Restaurant & Lounge


DestINNation: Gulf Coast Florida

January 28, 2014

The Vacation Club has grown a little bit more!  We are happy to announce two new DestINNation resorts that Vacation Club members can now visit using Points.

Located in St. Pete Beach, Florida, Coral Reef Beach Resort offers guests the perfect Florida stay.

Coral Reef Resort

Coral Reef  Beach Resort

The resort is situated on its own beach overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and also features 2 outdoor swimming pools.  The resort is close to both Tampa and St. Petersburg, giving you the chance to enjoy both of what each city has to offer in dining, shopping, and night life.  Bush Gardens is only 45 minutes away, giving you the chance to have some thrills and fun for a day!

Coral Reef Beach Resort - Living Room

Coral Reef Beach Resort – Living Room

The resort offers both one and two bedroom units all of which have full-sized kitchens giving you the opportunity to cook breakfast and dinners as you wish!

Coral Reef Dining and Kitchen area

Coral Reef  Beach Resort Dining and Kitchen area

The Vacation Club purchased at total of 56 weeks and has the majority of the inventory in the one bedroom units which range in Points value from 50,000 to 100,000 Points depending on the time of year in which you are traveling.

The second resort that is now part of the Vacation Club DestINNation list is Island Gulf Resort in Madeira Beach, Florida.  Located right on the beach, this small, 15 unit resort offers a quiet retreat to the shores of the Gulf Coast.

Island Gulf Resort

Island Gulf Resort

Famous John’s Pass Village is located nearby, offering shopping, dining, and family activities for everyone.  Clearwater Beach and St. Pete Beach are also a short drive away, giving you a chance to see more of the beautiful Gulf Coast while on your vacation.

The view from Island Gulf Resort

The view from Island Gulf Resort

The Vacation Club has purchased a total of 39 weeks, divided between one and two bedroom units (Check out the Vacation Club Weeks Owned tab on the Owner’s Inn so you can plan what weeks to request when trying to book).

Island Gulf Resort Kitchen area

Island Gulf Resort Kitchen area

The Points values for these weeks range from 50,000 to 130,000 Points depending on the unit size and the time of year you choose to visit.

The Points Grid for these new DestINNations are online in the Owner’s Inn (under the Online Owner Services -> How To/Reference Guides) and you can print them out and add them to your binder or just bookmark the page and refer to it when you are ready to call Owner Services to book your Gulf Coast Getaway!

Owner Services is ready to help you plan a nice trip to Florida and enjoy the sunshine, beaches, and the beauty of the Gulf Coast.  Call them today at 855-501-3003 and pack those bags!

Voting is Still Open

October 7, 2013

Last Tuesday, October 1, the Vacation Club Annual Meeting was held in West Yarmouth.  We did have a few Club Members come and we were able to review the 2012 Year End Financials and 2013 Year-to-Date Financials.  Steve Furrer, the Director of the InnSeason Vacation Club, also discussed some changes to the Vacation Club as well as future plans for the Vacation Club, including potential new resorts.

The biggest issue for the meeting was the election.  The Vacation Club election was held prior to the meeting however, a quorum was not reached at the meeting and the results of the election could not be finalized.

For that reason, we are leaving the election open until a quorum is reached.  The Vacation Club bylaws require that a 15% quorum be reached to complete the election.  That means we need everyone’s vote.

Please head to the Owner’s Inn right now and vote.

If you have already voted, thank you.  You can only vote once so if you have already cast your ballot, you are all set.  If you haven’t yet cast your ballot, please do so.

We recently sent out an email with detailed directions on how to log in and how to cast your vote for this open seat on the Vacation Club board.  Please go online and vote.  It’s your Vacation Club.  Let your voice be heard and help create a Vacation Club that will continue to represent your needs.

Oceancliff Resort – The Newest DestINNation

April 8, 2013

We are very happy to announce that the InnSeason Vacation Club has a new DestINNation property.  Oceancliff Resort I & II in Newport, RI is located just outside of the famous New England seaside town.  With so many great features to offer, you should consider booking a reservation to check-it out for yourself!

oceancliff sideview

Offering stunning views of Narragansett Bay from almost every room, the Oceancliff Resort is just minutes away from downtown Newport.  This Silver Crown RCI resort is a perfect place to escape and see why people consider Newport one of the best vacation spots in the world!  The resort does offer shuttle service to and from downtown Newport so rather than having to drive in and find parking, you can take advantage of this great amenity and enjoy an easy way to get in and out of town for a day of shopping or sightseeing!

The resort offers one and two bedroom units all of which are complete with a king size bed, dining area with mini-kitchen, wet bar, pullout sofa, and jacuzzi tub.  Most units also feature a gas fireplace for you to enjoy!

oceancliff living room

On-site amenities include tennis courts (You are in Newport – one of the most famous tennis towns in the world), basketball, horseshoe pit, and a seasonal restaurant next door.  The solarium swimming pool and hot tub, though, is really the best feature!  With an attached sun deck and a retractable roof, this swimming pool offers a nice winter spot to swim or lets the sunshine in during the warmer summer months.  It is the perfect spot to kick back and relax!

oceancliff swimmingpool

The resort also offers washer and dryers and a barbecue and picnic table area for guests to use.   There is free WiFi in the rooms and all rooms offer a flat screen television with cable and a DVD player.

Check-in time is 4pm and check-out time is 11 am.  No pets are allowed on this property however, there are many kennels in the area if you do want to bring along your pet.

The Vacation Club now owns 60 weeks of inventory at this resort, including some great summer and fall weeks!  Call Owner Services today and begin planning your escape to Newport, Rhode Island’s City by the Sea.