What are Bonus Weeks?

June 29, 2016 by

spaspool_6Legacy Vacation Club Orlando

bonus weeks

Bonus Weeks are available to all InnSeason Owners: Traditional Timeshare Owners and InnSeason Vacation Club Owners. Weeks (like those pictured above) are available for purchase with Vacation Club Points or Cash, depending on the source of the week, and Club Members may purchase those weeks that are not available for points.

The weeks come to us from various sources and occasionally we will offer weeks that are available in our own inventory at reduced rates. They are available on a first come first served basis…and can be booked online. Once the week is reserved our Owner’s Services team will confirm with the resort that you booked at, and get confirmation information to you. So we suggest waiting for that before booking flights or making travel plans.

These fascinating escapes and more can be found in the Owner’s Inn on http://www.InnSeason.com.

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I want to take a vacation, but I’m not really sure how to use my points.

March 31, 2016 by


You bought points and you were excited to start using them to go on vacation. But when you finally decided to go, it seemed like you couldn’t book what you wanted. We understand, there are times when availability is limited.

We work in the vacation ownership industry. We think about vacations (not even our own) all the time. We know a little secret, and although we try to share it, not everyone listens. If you have something in mind…start early.

Planning ahead works! And honestly, so does being flexible. OK, two secrets. Learn about your Points and the booking windows. Decide where you’d like to go, then start looking, but be willing to bend. Go a day later. Stay 4 days instead of 7. Try New Hampshire in the summer. And book as early as you can!! Research and PLAN.

If you really don’t know where to start, and are overwhelmed, if you send an email to Dave Zukowski,  InnSeason’s Purchase Relations Manager – dzukowski@innseason.com, you can ask him to put you on the list for his next Vacation Club University. He periodically holds classes, either on the Cape or in New Hampshire, where he helps owners get comfortable with the Vacation Club and how to use it. (And using RCI online.)

Next, log in to Owner’s Inn. We say that over and over…for a good reason. It is truly an asset to your Vacation Club Membership. You can pay your fees online, change your address, link to RCI directly, and best of all plan and book your vacations using our online booking engine.   Log in Guides can be found here.

If you proceed step by step…you will open a window into a world of planning your vacation. To see everything out there ( a good way to start)…”uncheck” the box that limits what you see by your points.

club booking window 2

Maybe you’ll see something you never even thought of. We have some great DestINNation resorts and they frequently have availability when our Club Resorts don’t. Want the Cape? Have you tried The Cove at Yarmouth? Great indoor Pool. Great location for exploring all of Cape Cod.

And if you need help. Call our wonderful Owner’s Services Department at 855-501-3003. Erin and her team want you to go on vacation. It is their primary mission.

So if doing something fun this summer is your mission. Start today. PLAN NOW.


Set up a monthly pre-payment plan.

February 12, 2016 by

new navigation_formsThe 2016 Club Fees have been mailed out and are due.  For those of you who were on a pre-payment plan for your 2016 use year points, that means that you have paid most of your bill, and just need to remember to sign up again.

Club members who did not take advantage of the pre-payment option for the 2016 usage year received a bill that is due on February 1, 2016 for the total amount.

If you would like to spread your payments throughout the year, you may want to consider signing up for the pre-payment plan for 2017 Fees, after all 2016 fees are paid.

Login   to the Owner’s Inn and sign up (after you have paid all of your 2016 fees) to begin a pre-payment plan on your 2017 use year points.  This will help you manage your club fees and allow you to relax at the end of the year when the Club fee statements come out.

Once logged in, click on your contract number and enter into your owner account.  Then on the left hand menu, select the option “Forms/Payments.”

Save yourself a little stress. Take five minutes, and sign up to pay your Maintenance Fee automatically. You will be surprised how easy it is to do, and you will thank us next December.

Tip: Remember that if you are using a credit card to pay your monthly pre-payment plan, use a credit card that is not set to expire during the pre-payment cycle.

Already enjoying the convenience of the pre-payment plan?  Don’t forget to sign up again. Once all 2016 fees are paid you need to sign up again. It does not happen automatically.

Understanding Booking Windows helps you plan vacations.

December 2, 2015 by

As a Club Member, you have probably heard, about the value of knowing the booking windows. There’s a reason we sound like a broken record when it comes to this one particular aspect of booking reservations.  We want to make sure that you are clear about what Points to use and when to use them to get the vacation you desire.

calendar in blue

We have developed great reservation guidelines that offer some very comprehensive examples of how to use the booking windows to your advantage.  They can be found on the Owner’s Inn under Online Owner Services -> How To/Reference Guides.  If you have never looked at them, it might be wise to at least scan them over to maybe make sure you are at least familiar with all the terms and different categories of Points – Regular, Accrued, Borrowed, and Rented.

2016 is  ahead of us.  That means that if you have paid your Regular Use Year Points (Points allocated to 2016) you can book a full seven night stay any time up through December 31. Payment plans are set up to pay a year ahead…so if you pay monthly you are good to book 7 night stays throughout the year. If you just got your bill…you much pay your bill prior to booking. (The points are only usable once they are paid for!)

If you want a short-stay (a reservation of less than seven nights), you may book that up to four months in advance of the arrival date.  You don’t have to restrict yourself to the Regular Use Year Points, either.  In this booking window, you can use either Accrued, Borrowed, or Rented Points in addition to your Regular Use Year Points.

Knowing these little facts can make a world of difference when it comes to planning and making sure that you are able to reserve the vacation you are hoping to reserve.  Knowing that you can only use your Regular Use Year Points in the year in which they are allocated.  That means that if you want to book a full week stay in 2016 (and you have enough Regular Points in 2016 to do so), you would have to prepay your 2016 club fees or set up a prepayment plan and then you would be able to book up to 12 months in advance of the arrival date.


If you have questions about it, you can always log on and print out the How to Make A Reservation packet and review it.  The more you know about these booking windows and how to use your Points, the better you will be at booking the exact reservation you are trying to book!

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July 20, 2015 by

If you are like most of us you have good intentions, but never seem to have enough time. red banners_bonus week_smYou know that we have an awesome new online Vacation Club booking engine, as well as internet access to our current Bonus Weeks. But you forget to look….never-mind book. So we created a new, little newsletter. It simply shares what’s new in bonus Weeks and whats’ out there for Club availability. It is a little reminder. To book some fun for you and your family.

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Time to Accrue. 6/30 Deadline

June 17, 2015 by
In order to save 100% of your unused 2015 points from this year to 2016 we have to be notified in writing prior to June 30, that you wish to accrue any points remaining in your account on 12/31/15.
We  recommend that you login to “Owner’s Inn” (www.InnSeason.com) and review your account and our online accrual forms as soon as you receive this email. (For login instructions click here.) Remember, you may continue to use your points to book vacations after sending in the accrual request form. The balance will be accrued.
To Accrue:
1. Online: Login to “Owner’s Inn” and complete the online Accrual Form or print out a form to fax or mail to: InnSeason Vacation Club, c/o VRI at 25510 Commercentre Drive, Suite 100, Lake Forest CA 92630. (A link to our login guide appears above, and under ‘This Just Inn’ on www.InnSeason.com)
2. Email:  innseason@vriresorts.com
3. Fax: (949) 587-2274
4. Write:
InnSeason Vacation Club, c/o VRI at 25510 Commercentre Drive, Suite 100, Lake Forest CA 92630
If you have questions about using your points or any other aspect of the InnSeason Vacation Club, please feel free to contact our Owner Services department at 1-855-501-3003.

After 6/30 we can carry over (accrue) only 50% of your unused points. If you fail to notify us before August 31st, you will forfeit any remaining points. (Note: Your point balance, online assistance, and online forms are available when you are logged in to the “Owner’s Inn“.)

Keep up to date on Club Availability.

March 30, 2015 by

We keep track of the Club inventory at our Club resorts and the DestINNation resorts. If you would like to receive these “availability” updates, click the link below. This is the best way to ensure that you use your points and go on vacation!

Sign Up for The Club Availability Update email here. 

And as always, one more reminder to use our online reservation system! It has become very popular, and will truly enhance your enjoyment of your Club Membership. Log in. Then click on the orange link to “Make a Club Reservation”

reservation 2 6_14

Then enter your search parameters. The system does the work. You simply have to search then book!

display eligible

Bonus Weeks

March 9, 2015 by

red banners_bonus week_smAs Vacation Club Members you have access to Bonus Weeks which are traditional timeshare week inventory that the InnSeason Vacation Club has obtained for use by our owners.  The inventory is listed on our website and is available on a first come first serve basis for Vacation Club Points or cash.

The vacation weeks are not available consistently, but offer some great values. We suggest checking the list frequently as the inventory can fly off the shelves!!

As with all online applications, login to Owner’s Inn.

Click the orange link to your account. Now click on Bonus Weeks Requests, in the left side navigation.

bonus week2Once there, click the “New Request” Tab and select your week. If you have eligible points (accrued points may be used for Bonus Week bookings), it can be booked. The points will be deducted immediately, and the vacation time will be removed from the available list.

Playtime Points are once again available online!

January 13, 2015 by


Last year, over 190 of our Vacation Club Owners purchased Dining Certificates through the online system. In other words. It was a very popular facet of the Vacation Club.


It is easy and the system lets you order right online, at any time. Cards are available in $50 increments at several popular restaurants near our resorts. We have added new restaurants on the Cape and offer the classics in Lincoln and Ogunquit.  Login to your Vacation Club account. You’ll see the link to the new Playtime Points Requests in the left hand navigation column. Once there, take a minute and review the Rules and Regulations. The system will abide by the rules and only allow you to book when your points are eligible. You will receive your gift card(s) in 5-10 business days.  

Vacation Club POINT SALE – Save 20% at Pollard and The Falls.

October 10, 2014 by

We are pleased to offer our owners an end of the year special point sale.  Save 20% on new bookings at InnSeason Resorts Pollard Brook and at InnSeason Resorts The Falls at Ogunquit. The 20% discount is available only through our online booking system* – so BOOK today.  It is easy and uses accrued points first (which expire 12/31), so you don’t even have to think about it.

POL_Exterior_10You can book some early skiing (we are optimists), or Christmas Shopping  or Christmas Tree harvesting in Lincoln, New Hampshire,
or you can book a romantic vacation or outlet shopping getaway at The Falls in Maine.


Book online now and  receive a 20% discount*.

*Specials and promotions cannot be combined with other discounts and are valid only on bookings made online, during this period.